Oakville Town Council Election 2014: Candidate for Ward 1: Ralph Robinson

Oakville Town Council Election 2014: Candidate for Ward 1: Ralph Robinson

Ralph Robinson is running for his 11th term as town councillor for Ward 1, a position he has held since 1982.

Robinson became interested in local politics because he wanted to share some of the responsibilities with the people who shape the community. Although he has been on council for a long time, he has never considered running for mayor or even the regional position.

“My heart is in running locally,” said Robinson. “I’m the kind of guy who likes putting on the rubber boots and going out into the backyard and talking about the problems and that’s the way I do it.”

One of his objectives for the next term is getting a library in Bronte. He said he’s been working on getting one for several years now and is still firm in his commitment.

“It’ll be a storefront library in amongst all of the other stores,” he said. “It’s a small point but important to a lot of people that we need a library in Bronte.”

Another issue coming up for him is the discontinuation of home mail delivery. Any houses built before 1984 have enjoyed this service but Canada Post wants to put a halt to it.  Many people who bought houses back then are now seniors and Robinson feels that the service is more important than just a luxury.

Because mail delivery is under Federal control the town has no authority over it, but Robinson hopes if enough people are concerned they can get sufficient momentum that might result in having some sort of say in the matter.

“What we hope to be able to get out of this is the ability to get Canada Post to listen to us,” he said.

Robinson was born in Lindsay, Ontario and worked many years in the mortgage and loan business. He’s lived in towns across the province including Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay. He also spent time out east in St. Johns Newfound Land and Halifax Nova Scotia before moving to Oakville in 1975.

Contacting Ralph Robisnson

home: (905) 827-7659

email: ralph@spectranet.ca

District: Ward 1

Position: Town Councillor


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