Oakville Town Council Election 2014: Councillor for Ward 1: Alan Johnston


Alan Johnston is running for his third term as town and regional councilor of Ward 1. If reelected, Johnston aims to help keep Oakville one of the most livable towns in Canada.

Among his top priorities are growth, transportation and environment.

One of his concerns is keeping developers in check and making sure the town’s growth is monitored.

“For too many years previous councils discounted development charges,” said Johnston. “What happened was developers made more money than they should have and the taxpayers were picking up the tab for it.”

Johnston says he understands that growth is important but he wants Oakville to grow on it’s own terms and not the terms of the contractors.

Another one of the issues he would like to see addressed is the transit system. Many people of Oakville travel outside of town for work and he feels we need more affordable and time efficient transit to encourage people to use it. To make this happen he says we need more provincial funding and less reliance on property tax payers.

“It’s interregional travel. It’s not just a town of Oakville problem and it’s not a region of Halton problem. It’s a GTA problem and it has to be addressed at that level.

Within his achievements Johnston counts his participation with the New Official Plan, which looks into concerns regarding land use, and the Natural Heritage System. According to the town’s website, “The Natural Heritage System ensures the preservation of land which maintains a wide diversity of species and landscapes within an urban context.”

He believes Oakville has one of the largest green spaces in urban Canada, which makes the Natural Heritage System especially important.

Before entering local politics Johnston worked in sales in the transportation industry. He moved to Oakville 40 years ago from Glasgow, Scotland and has lived here ever since. He started his political work by getting involved with local school councils.

Contact Alan Johnston

home: (905) 825-9586
email: councilloralanjohnston@gmail.com

District: Ward 1
Position: Town & Regional Councillor


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