Oakville Town Council Election 2014: Mayor: Gordon Brennan

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Gordon Brennan, a first-time mayoral candidate running in the October election, would like to balance Oakville’s taxes and focus on building higher quality infrastructure in the community.

“When we were building houses, my parents were both builders, we were always thinking: How can we make this house better so it lasts 50 years without having to fork over thousands of dollars every year to maintain it? And that’s the same type of approach I want to take for the infrastructure of Oakville.”

As for the taxes Brennan is concerned they are currently being used in a way that doesn’t reflect the needs of the town’s citizens. He says he has been living in the same house for 13 years, and while property taxes have gone up every year, his services are identical.

“The only thing I see for my taxes dollars is going into more government waste and that’s got to stop.”

Though he doesn’t identify himself specifically with any major political parties, Brennan considers himself a liberal minded conservative. He says his conservatism is in fiscal policies and his liberalism is in spending the tax dollars so infrastructure is maintained on a long-term basis.

Brennan is a former real estate agent and was born and raised in North York. He began working in Oakville in 1993 and moved here a year later after becoming fond of the community. Now he feels it’s his time to give back. “I want to serve the people I’ve come to know and appreciate over the past 20 years that I’ve lived here.”

He says he’s basing his campaign on balanced, controlled and effective governance with best practices. With these he is also trying to apply a more down-to-earth approach to local leadership.

“I’m a real person 100 per cent of the time,” said Brennan. “I want to bring more humanity into governance.”

Contact  Gordon Brennan

home: (905) 827-3894
mobile: (416) 315-5208
email: sbrennan@total.net
web: www.votegordonbrennan.com

Postion: Mayor


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