Oakville Town Council Election 2014: Mayor: Rob Burton


Incumbent Mayor Rob Burton is running for his third term in the October election and if he wins he plans to continue keeping Oakville green and in good financial health.

Among his top goals next term is the preservation of the town’s environmental, heritage and historic business areas, a goal he hopes to reach by controlling and monitoring growth.

“We have the best official plan in the country. We’ll keep it that way,” explained Burton via email. “That’s how we’ll keep controlling growth and protecting special areas. We will continue to lead in creation of protected green space.”

Also on his list is to keep cutting tax-paid debt with tax increases tracking to CPI. He says he’ll continue to find new green energy revenues and new town efficiencies, which should help keep property taxes down and benefit Oakville’s overall financial health.

If reelected he also plans to build three new community facilities that are needed in the north, south central and southeast areas of Oakville.

Burton started in local politics about 15 years ago when he and others in the community were concerned about proposed growth north of Dundas. A group was organized to help save the threatened woodlots that were to be developed and eventually it was suggested that he run for mayor.

“It’s like a lot of things,”said Burton in an interview with Oakville News, “when you start a campaign to do something one thing leads to another…”

Mayor Burton moved to Canada from Virginia, USA and spent time in Toronto before putting down roots in Oakville. He is also the founder of the children’s television network YTV, which he created for his daughter in the late 80s.

Contacting Rob Burton:

home: (905) 338-2787
bus: (905) 338-1200
email: oakvillemayor@gmail.com
web: robburton.org



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