Oakville Town Council Elections 2014: Ward 2: David Lee

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David Lee submitted his bid for the position of Town and Regional Councillor for Ward 4 on September 11th. He is running against incumbent Cathy Duddeck.

Mr. Lee moved to Oakville in 1974, when he purchased a property on the Lake in Bronte, and was pleased to note that he managed to retain riparian rights after the purchase. At that time towns along Lake Ontario were trying to improve access to the lakefront by eliminating the ability of new landowners to retain riparian rights.

He is very proud of his children. His first child, a daughter he raised on his own since she was three. Being a single father and gaining full custody was quite an accomplishment at the time. He also credits his daughter’s success to the community who played a major roll in her life, as he was also in the process in 1969 of starting a ministry. He married a second time, and unfortunately that marriage also ended, and he again retained custody of 2 children. David prides himself that he still spends Christmas and Easter with his two ex-wives and all his children.

During his 40 plus years in Oakville he has been apart of a number of community projects which include the creation of the West Oakville Rate Payers’ Association, the inception and completion of the Broadside Group home with Ann Mulvale.

There was quite a bit of community concern when the group home was proposed in Bronte, however, he was pleased that once people understood what it was, and how it was needed the community stepped up. He doesn’t believe NIMBY exists, but rather states that the communication to citizens is weak. He has found people are always willing to help.

His current concern is the lack of proper regulation of by-laws regarding development, and points to his neighbor as a case that deeply concerns him. He feels his neighbor has skated around the law due to his relationship and close ties with local politicians and town hall. Mr. Lee has committed a great deal of time and energy to fighting town hall since the mid-90’s. It has gotten to the point that local politicians will no longer take his calls, and town hall employees have indicated that there is nothing further they can do for him.

This is the main issue that David Lee is running on, and he also pointed that he would also always be available to the people should he be elected to serve.

Contact David Lee
home: (905) 827-7916
email: daveel@cogeco.ca

Position: Town & Regional Councillor
Location: Ward 2



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