Oakville Town Council Elections 2014: Ward 3: Tim Danter

Tim Danter and Wife
Oakville Town Council Elections 2014: Ward 3: Tim Danter
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Sitting down with Tim Danter, is like sitting down with a good neighbour. He is a friendly guy with a good heart. Tim added his name to roaster of eight candidates vying for the opportunity to serve as a town councillor for Ward 3.

Tim has always been a member of the community. He grew up on MacDonald, and he’s lived on the street for 44 years. He married to girl from around the corner 24 years ago, and they have two children.

When asked why he wants to be a town council for Ward 3 the answer is straight -forward. “Ward 3 is my home”, says Danter. “I’m seeing changes happening, and I’m concerned about downtown going in the wrong direction.”

His concerns come from a legitimate place. He was a member of the Downtown Oakville BIA’s marketing committee, and his company DriveWise has taught 1000’s of residents how to drive. He can see the changes, and doesn’t like what is happening to the town.

“I want to make sure that the right changes are going to happen,” states Danter.

The other main issues that need to be addressed, according to Danter, are the hospital lands demolition and redevelopment as well as the evolution of Mid-Town Core.

Solving the problems of downtown are complex, but he feels the biggest issue is parking. The parking issue to bed and get a new parking structure on Church Street built. The town needs to be fully accessible, and the landlords need to be on the same page, stated Tim.

The demolition of the hospital needs to be done with the least impact on local residents. He is concerned about the massive machinery that is going to be needed to accomplish the job, and their impact on the community. He is pleased that a community centre is slated for the neighborhood. It will bring much needed services for all the community’s residents. Finally, the new development needs to reflect the neighborhood.

The development of the Mid-Town Core is a huge project and since the province has designated it as a growth area there is little the town can do, according to Danter, except insure that the infrastructure is in place to deal with the 20,000 people expected to work and live in the area.

He has been listening to the community for a long time, and has heard the need for more public plantings in Clearview and the desire for more open rinks through out Ward 3. Tim feels he’s ready to be the councillor for Ward 3.

Contact Tim Danter
home: (905) 849-9519
mobile: (905) 330-1596
Website: danter.ca
Twitter: @tim4ward3

Position: Town Councillor
Location: Ward 3



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