Oakville Town Council Elections 2014: Ward 4: Faisal Saab

Oakville Town Council Elections 2014: Ward 4: Faisal Saab
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Faisal Saab submitted his application for Ward 4’s Town Councillor on August 22, 2014. This 24 year resident of Oakville, father of three grown children, and happily married man felt it was time to give back and bring compassionate leadership to the community.

He had been thinking about becoming involved in local politics for sometime, and felt the timing was right. He has been involved with local government for years, and has committed 10 years at least to the United Way as the Chair of Community Impact Cabinet. The cabinet is responsible for overseeing all the applications for funding sent to the United Way.

This experience has helped him realize that Oakville is not as affluent as it appears. We have a significant number of children who go to school hungry, as well as 500 plus families relying on local food-banks so that they can make it through the week.

“Oakville’s poverty issues are endemic and need a political solution“, stated Saab. ”Town council needs to advocate for infrastructure money.”

Other issues that Saab feels have to be addressed in the Ward 4 is creating intelligent balanced infrastructure. 3rd Line is already at 138 percent capacity during peak hours, according to Faisal. This is before the new hospital is even operating. The town knew about this for years, so how could the community already be dealing with this congestion?

Finally he feels that the boundaries for the Wards have to be redrawn. Ward 4 has over 60,000 people, which is true of all the Wards north of the QEW. The Wards south of the QEW have significantly smaller populations, yet have as much say on council. This needs to be addressed.

He feels that his years in International Business Development for a chemical company, provides him with in-depth understanding and experience of how to get things done at all three levels of government. He’ll use those same result driven skills for Ward 4 constituents.

Contact Faisal Saab
mobile: (416) 873-7222
email: fsaab@cogeco.ca
twitter: @Saab4Oakville
web: www.votesaab.ca

Position: Town Councillor
Location: Ward 4


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