Oakville Town Council Elections 2014: Ward 5: Bob Seccaspina

Bob Seccaspina
Oakville Town Council Elections 2014: Ward 5: Bob Seccaspina
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The run for town councillor of Ward 5 keeps getting larger.
The latest addition to the candidates list is Bob Seccaspina, a 22 year resident of Ward 5. Bob with his wife moved into Oakville because it was a great place to raise a family. They raised three children all of which are in University from Britain to Ottawa and Toronto.

A child of an Italian immigrant father and stay at home mom in Sudbury, Bob’s hard work ethic was strongly encouraged by his dad. In Sudbury he attended Laurentian University where he graduated with an Honors B.Sc. in Political Science and Arts.

For the last 27 years, he has worked in the IT business in a sales and marketing capacity for Oracle and BEA. Currently he is working as a IT consultant for Brains 2 which provides maintenance for computer hardware.

“I will listen to my constituents, return calls and act accordingly,” promises Bob Seccaspina.

The big issues Seccaspina feel are facing Ward 5 are traffic congestion, better managed growth, and property taxes. Traffic congestion is a major concern for our Ward according to Bob. One of his ideas to solve the problem is by creating dedicated HOV and Bus lanes; another is ensuring that our transit system is meshing with MetroLinks. For managed growth, he believes that public services should be in lock step with growth. He points to a water park that was promised but never built. Finally, the proper use of property taxes, and he points to the 16 Mile Creek Sports Complex as an example of all the services being centered in one location, he suggests that spreading the wealth around the community would have been more beneficial to the residents of Ward 5.

Contact Bob Seccaspina

mobile: (416) 464-1528
bus.: (289) 815-1449
email: bob@bobseccaspina.ca
web: www.bobseccaspina.ca
Twitter: @bob4ward5
Facebook: Bob4Ward5

Position: Town Councillor
Location: Ward 5



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  1. Steve says:

    It’s “Metrolinx”, Metro Links is Halifax.

    • Nolan Machan says:

      Thanks for the correction and appreciate your feedback. We try to ensure that the information we post is correct, but on occasion we miss things.
      Have a great day, and we look forward to your continued interest in OakvilleNews.Org

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