Oakville Votes 2014: Who Won

33 percent of Oakville votes during this election

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Oakville Votes 2014: Who Won
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The election is over, and with so many who donated their time and energy to run. Thank you! We hope that if you were not elected, you will continue supporting our great town. Over 41,921 residents voted, which is 33.34 percent of the potential voters.

So here is your town council for the next four years


Rob Burton

Ward 1
Town Councillor: Ralph Robinson
Town & Regional Councillor: Sean O’Meara

Ward 2
Town Councillor: Pam Damoff
Town & Regional Councillor: Cathy Duddeck

Ward 3
Town Councillor: Nick Hutchins
Town & Regional Councillor: Dave Gittings

Ward 4
Town Councillor: Roger Lapworth
Town & Regional Councillor: Allan Elgar

Ward 5
Town Councillor: Marc Grant
Town & Regional Councillor: Jeff Knoll

Ward 6
Town Councillor: Max Khan
Town & Regional Councillor: Tom Adams

Regional Chair:Gary Carr

Halton District School Board Trustees
Wards 1 & 2 Tracy Ehl Harrison
Ward 3: Ann Harvey Hope
Ward 4: Joanna Oliver
Wards 5 & 6: Kelly Amos

Halton Catholic District School Board Trustee: Anthony Danko


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