Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: Ray Chisholm

Ray Chisholm
Oakville Ward 2 By-Election Candidate: Ray Chisholm
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I’ve known Ray for years, but never had the opportunity to sit down and chat. He’s likely one of the most focused and determined people I’ve met. It is quickly apparent why his record still holds for most goals ever scored by an Oakville Blade.

Ray is a true Oakvillian, which is to say, he was born at Oakville Hospital. His family came to Oakville in the 1940’s. His dad worked in a factory and his mom also worked part-time. They lived in what is now considered Old Oakville.

He attended Oakville Trafalgar High School when it was still located on Reynolds, where he met his wife. They raised their two daughters in Ward 2, in the same home.

“I’m also a grandfather,” he says proudly.

Ray attended the University of Minnesota on a Hockey Scholarship, as well as received a diploma in Recreation from Humber College. His career at the Town of Oakville lasted for 35 years and when he retired he was the Senior Manager of Recreation Services.

During his time at the Town he oversaw and opened the first Youth Centre, as well as established the first skate board park in Shell Park years before they became a staple in many communities. Along with these major accomplishments, Ray was the facilities and programming manager for the Oakville Museum and the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts.

“I know my way around Town Hall, and what it takes to get things accomplished,” commented Ray.

Though Ray has been involved in most events in Oakville run by the town, he also found time to coach for the Oakville Blades.

For more information on Ray Chisholm:
Home: 905-582-8690
Email: rayjohnchisholm@gmail.com
Website: raychisholm.com
Facebook: Ray Chisholm
Twitter: Chisholm_Ray



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