Oakvillegreen mobilizes community against Saw-Whet Development

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Last week the outcome of the Saw Whet Golf Course that was purchased as a development site received approval despite a strong sentiment against it, by the local Ward 4 Councillor Allan Elgar and OakvilleGreen. However, OakvilleGreen does not plan to take this sitting down and is urging the community to attend the November 23rd and 24th OMB hearing.

The development proposed by Bronte Green was never part of Liveable Oakville, the Town of Oakville’s development plans. It was believed that the town’s councillors would strongly object to the plan, and at regional council many of the town’s councillors voted for the proposal approval.

This was an about face turn from the Town of Oakville Councillor’s who unanimously voted to oppose the development in April 2015. However, the town released their statement called Settlement Reached in OMB Case with Bronte Green that they had won major concessions from the developer’s initial plan. OakvilleGreen released their statement, How Livable Oakville just became a lot less Livable, refutes the positive perspective of the town’s release.

As one of the most desirable places to live in the country, Oakville has come under increasing pressure by developers such as Bronte Green. The Ontario Municipal Board is often referred to as the Oakville Municipal Board, because the town is one of the biggest opponents of development when a proposed development falls outside the parameters of Livable Oakville.

Bronte Green’s purchase is just one of a few projects that targeted land for development outside of the Livable Oakville Master Plan, another includes Clublink’s application to turn the Glen Abbey Golf Course into a 3000 unit housing developement.

Real estate prices in the town have become some of the highest in the GTA, with an average price for a detached home exceeding $1,000,000. This allows developers to realize incredible per square foot prices. The Town of Oakville has spent thousands of hours and likely millions of dollars to create Livable Oakville over many years, only to have it regularly overturned by the Ontario Municipal Board.

Here is the release by OakvilleGreen regarding the OMB and Bronte Green’s meeting:

We share the dismay and disappointment expressed by so many Oakville residents who recently learned that a negotiated settlement was reached, by Town Council and the other parties, approving the development of 1181 units on the 55-hectare former Saw Whet Golf Course lands.

Please continue to make your voices heard against this plan:

1. Attend the OMB hearing! We want to fill the OMB hearing rooms at Town Hall with our supporters.

Oakvillegreen, along with several other resident associations and many residents, who previously registered as ‘participants’, will be permitted to speak at the OMB hearing on Wednesday, November 23 and Thursday November 24, 2016 beginning at 10am. We are encouraging all registered ‘participants’ to appear in person at 10am on Wednesday to share their concerns with the Board. If you did not register, you can still attend! OMB hearings are open to the public and your presence will convey your concern about the settlement decision.

2. Write a letter to tell the Ontario Provincial government that you want Municipalities to be able to have the final say in their land use planning.
Contact the Attorney General of Ontario, Yasir Naqvi and the OMB review office and copy Town Council, and the Halton Regional Council chair:

  1. ynaqvi.mpp@liberal.ola.org,
  2. OMBReview@ontario.ca,
  3. council@oakville.ca,
  4. gary.carr@halton.ca

Visit our website, to learn more about this important issue.

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