OakvilleNews.org Thanks the Community

July 2013 was incredible!

OakvilleNews.org Thanks the Community
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Nolan A Machan

Nolan A Machan

Nolan Machan is the Publisher of OakvilleNews.Org and has over 41 years of local Oakville knowledge. He is committed to providing Oakville residents with the most up-to-date information about our great town.

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OakvilleNews.org has had a stellar July on so many fronts and we wish to thank the Oakville community for providing so much support.

July again provide outstanding numbers with just under 45,000 views, translating to 32,000 unique visits. A 300 percent increase from last month. Our twitter followers have just broken the 820 mark, and the likes on our Facebook page are so encouraging.

The community is beginning to engage via comments after each article/post, and we continue to encourage the community to keep the dialogues going – especially regarding important topics such a missing children, health, development, and education. But don’t forget about the fun stuff, since there is lots of that in Oakville

The public is calling the office regularly, which is a surprise. And direct emails asking questions about various events and topics are being answered. This is a welcome result of our efforts, and we are happy to answers any questions we can. OakvilleNews.Org was created to provide a dedicated online media outlet for Oakville about Oakville by the town’s business and residents.

Currently, contributors to OakvilleNews.Org come from all walks of life. In total their are 51 writers, and we hope to grow that number. Sheridan College’s print media program has been an active participant, and has given rise to one strong writer: Imran Jabbar, OakvilleNews.Org’s movie critic. But other faithful writers include Reverend Morar Murray-Hayes, a graduate of Princeton University and spiritual leader for Maple Grove United Church, Kathleen Steele our interior designer, Laura Machan a partner at Knightbridge Human Capital Solutions, Cynthia Silversides a sommelier with years of experience in their fields, and Rabbi Stephen Wise of Shaarei Beth-El Congregation.

OakvilleNews.Org is constantly on the look out for writer’s and photographer, who are able to express a point of view with knowledge and a little humour. We are also extremely grateful to the Town of Oakville, Chamber of Commerce, Halton Region, and Halton Police’s communications departments which provide us with current Oakville News. Oakville News is also proud that we can support so many excellent causes from the United Way, Taste of Oakville, and the Oakville-Milton Humane Society with free advertising and event listings.

So thank you Oakville for your incredible support. Each month and year we look forward to providing you with the most up-to-date information available about topics that matter to you.  If you have a story or event you believe in give, touch base. OakvilleNews.Org is here to help.





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