Oakville’s Climate Change Strategy and Primer

Oakville’s Climate Change Strategy and Primer

The Town of Oakville’s Climate Change Strategy and accompanying public outreach document, Oakville’s Climate Change Primer, are now available online. The strategy and primer were endorsed by Town Council at its September 22, 2014 meeting in a proactive approach to protect against and respond to climate change impacts.

The Climate Change Strategy outlines how climate change will impact town operations and infrastructure. During the development of this strategy approximately 40 impacts were determined and prioritized based on varying levels of vulnerability and risk. Over 80 town plans, policies and procedures were reviewed and 300 action items were identified to be implemented and tracked.

Oakville’s Climate Change Primer provides useful information for residents on the science and complexity of climate change, as well as climate change projections for southern Ontario and more specifically Oakville. This online document links directly to local information on how to protect human health, the natural environment, residential homes and properties against the impacts of a changing climate. Town of Oakville and regional projects that are working to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change are also presented in the primer. These documents will be updated as new information, data and programs become available.

The town has been involved in ICLEI’s Building Adaptive and Resilient Communities (BARC) initiative to develop a comprehensive strategy on climate change since 2011. The program offers a comprehensive way to respond to the impacts of climate change, develop and implement an adaptation plan, and protect the people, property, and prosperity of our community.

Oakville’s Climate Change Primer is available online. Information on other Town of Oakville environmental programs is also available on the town’s website.

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