Oakville’s Muslim Community Publicly Condemns Acts of Violence in Pakistan, Syria & Canada

1600 families make up Oakville's World Islamic Mission

a cupping of hands in muslim prayer
Oakville’s Muslim Community Publicly Condemns Acts of Violence in Pakistan, Syria & Canada
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On Friday December 26th, the leaders of the World Islamic Mission opened the doors of their mosque to local neighbours and media, so that we could gain a greater understanding of their community. Fridays are when their main services take place, though prayers and services do happen at the mosque through out the week.

The World Islamic Centre, a Sunni community, is located just south of Dundas on the West side of 9th Line. The 10 plus acre property was purchased in 1998, and the current mosque is a repurposed 1970’s brick bungalow. The building of a new mosque will start in May 2015.

Men and women enter the mosque separately, and each have their own foyer where shelves of shoes line the walls. Shoes are not worn in the mosque. Some of the men are are in traditional dress, while others are wearing jeans and t-shirts. Just before the entrance to the sanctuary is a small tiled room where some of the men and boys wash their feet and hands. In the sanctuary there are elderly as well as young who take up places along the carpet covered floor facing east. The majority sit with their feet tucked under them. At the beginning there is much chatter amongst the congregation, while others quietly pray. As guests we have been provided with chairs at the back.

Once the service starts everyone quiets down, and the room fills to capacity of a 100 plus men and boys. The women pray separately. Much like other religious services there are traditional prayers and readings which are translated into English. The day’s sermon is on “Mercy”, and what it means to be merciful as a muslim. Mercy meaning to be kind, generous and loving toward your family, friends as well as neighbours regardless of their faith. During the service, the Imam makes it clear that they are concerned that the outside world believes that Islam teaches hate.

“Islam, when translated into English, means peace,” the Imam states.

He then goes on to condemn the atrocities that have recently taken place which include the beheadings in Syria, the killing of school children in Pakistan, and the deaths of two Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil. They feel that it is important to speak out publicly about how extremists are highjacking Islam, and it is incumbent upon them to re-assure non-muslim Canadians that this extremist view is not what Islam is teaches.

After the hour and a half service, we are asked to join the leadership of the mosque in the library, so that they can answer any questions the community might have. The meeting begins with a brief comment by the president, who again expresses concern about how Muslims are being depicted in the press. It is why they asked their neighbours and the press to come and see what happens within the mosque.

When asked why this condemnation of the violence is just now being stated, they explain that it has been happening for quite some time. The Vice President explains how thousands of muslims attended a rally condemning the extremists in Mississauga this past year, and that CTV, CITY TV, CBC, the Globe & Mail, the Toronto Star, the Mississauga News, and the Oakville Beaver where all invited but none of those news organizations attended.



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Readers Comments (5)

  1. Humaira shaheen says:

    I really appreciate all efforts done by this centre against all types of terrorrisim.May Allah bless all those who are spreading the right teachings of Islam.amin.

  2. Raheal says:

    Glad to see this mosque mentioned in the Oakville news as I used to frequent this mosque when I used to live in the area 4 years ago and found it to be a source of peace in my life and a promoter of inward reflection and self improvement.

  3. Tawfick says:

    Islam is a religion of peace. Let’s be fair and not stigmatise Islam.Come to know Islam and see how it contributes to the community at large. We live in a community and everyone should respect each other. By Allah, this masjid will be a landmark in Oakville and Ontario so believers and non-believers can benefit in this world and in the hereafter.

  4. danish says:

    I was a part of this Friday prayer and sermon and was delighted to see that the leadership took this stand to educate the community about Islam
    Being a Muslim I always thought, when we condemn such acts in private why to not tell the public… that we criticize all killings in name of Islam.
    It also saddened me to note last time no media coverage was given to rally when Muslims came out to condemn this act. My only ask from media is … just be fair.

  5. Naeem Mukhtar says:

    The World Islamic Center in Oakville took a great initiative to invite neighbors and media to the Friday prayers. In my opinion, this should be an open invitation to all Friday prayers. It’s true that Islam is so negatively perceived by so many people of other faiths, and as Muslims, we need to do a better job of sharing our belief and the teachings of our religion.


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