Oakville’s Santa Claus Parade 2017: Video Tribute

Santa Claus Parade 2017
Oakville’s Santa Claus Parade 2017: Video Tribute
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Oakville’s Santa Claus Parade 2017 was as spectacular as always. It was wonderful to see families (grandparents, parents, children, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters) gather together and wish each other a Merry Christmas.  However,  not everyone can make it unfortunately; so Brian Gray, a local photographer was kind enough to provide the following pictures for these 2 slide shows of the Santa Claus 2017 Parade.

Santa Claus Parade 2017 – Part 1

Santa Claus Parade 2017 – Part 2

The 69th parade took place on Saturday, November 18, 2017. It went along Lakeshore Road from Reynolds Street, over the recently complete bridge, and up Kerr Street to Stuart Street. Organizers thought that the Lakeshore Bridge over the 16 Mile Creek would not be completed until early December, and were pleasantly surprised when the bridge was officially opened on November 17, 2017.

This Oakville Christmas tradition would not be possible with out dedicated volunteers and sponsors. Next time you meet a volunteer, or walk into a business who sponsored this event, please say thank you.

Preparing for 2018:

Planning for next year’s Parade is about to start, and there are a multitude of things to do.  Many important jobs are done by volunteers. If you are interested in participating in next year’s parade as a volunteer, here is what you’ll be asked to do:


Parade Logistics: Adults with authority are required to assist police and security officers to ensure that traffic barriers are manned, provide directions to drop-off areas and generally assist with traffic control.

16 years old and over

Parade Marshalling: Adults or high school students (age 16 and over) will walk with an assigned section of the parade to ensure the parade keeps moving and prevent any gaps by asking slow groups to “pick up the pace”. You will also make sure that spectators do not crowd the road and float participants are not throwing candy or other items of distribution.

14 years old and over

Costumed Characters: You are an enthusiastic student (age 14 and over) or adult who will walk fully costumed as a Christmas or cartoon character (including a head piece) for the entire parade route. You will walk in groups of two or three characters, and will be energetic and dramatic with your actions.

Costumed Character Escort: Students (age 14 and over) or adults are needed to guide our costumed friends through the parade, as some costumes have obstructed site lines. The mascots rely on their escort to help them if the crowds get a little too excited and can help them keep up with the parade.

Sponsor Banner Carriers: You are an enthusiastic student (age 14 and over) or adult who will walk for the entire parade route holding a parade sponsor banner. The banners have a metal/wood pole at the top and bottom of the banner. It can be heavy. You will walk in pairs, one on each end of the banner and placed/ fed into that parade in a specific order. If you are part of a group such as Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets and more than 2 of you are assisting, it would be wonderful to see you in full uniform.

Oakville’s Santa Claus Parade 2016: Check out the Video Tribute

More photographs by Brian Gray can be found on Facebook.



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