Oakville’s Top 10 Restaurants: Where you want to eat

Oakville's Top 10 Restaurants
Oakville’s Top 10 Restaurants: Where you want to eat
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So you’re looking for a great place to go out for a meal that you’ll really enjoy. Well, look no further, here is a list of Oakville’s Top 10 Restaurants:

  1. Maro’s Bistro is the only restaurant in Oakville that has received a perfect score on Tripadvisor. Maro, the chef and owner, brings eastern Mediterranean food to life. Maro’s is located in Kerr Village south of Rebecca and north of Lakeshore Road West.
  2. Stoney’s Bread Company has been a fixture in Kerr Village, opening up before Kerr Village became the it spot for independent stores, and multitudes of restaurants. The food is delicious, and it is a Caesar Salad is likely the best in town. You line up to order, but they do bring your meal to the table once it is prepared.
  3. Oakville's Top 10 Restaurants

    Maro’s is passionate about each meal.

    Jac’s Bistro is like going to a good friends place for dinner, and this friend is a great cook. The food choices are traditional favourites, and the prices are reasonable. It is also located in Kerr Village.

  4. Trattoria Timone is the place to go to for an excellent Italian meal. This is also the only good restaurant in the entertainment complex at Winston Churchill and the QEW. So the next time you’re heading off to a catch a movie, you might want to leave a little earlier to enjoy this wonderful restaurant. It is also large enough to hold private parties.
  5. Plank Resto Bar is the friendly neighbourhood restaurant of Bronte Village. The energy is positive, and the food is southern american, with a few twists to make it interesting. You’ll need to come early, since it is a very busy location. It also has a great view of Bronte Harbour.
  6. Cucci has been the formal Italian restaurant in Bronte for years. If you are looking for a night on the town, you’ll want to check out Cucci for their delicious Italian cuisine.
  7. Nino Panino is a relative newcomer to the restaurant seen in Oakville. Located in Kerr Village, they serve up traditional Italian fare. They also have more than enough room for large parties, and the prices are extremely reasonable.
  8. Pasquale’s Trattoria is a small Italian restaurant on Lakeshore Road West just east of Kerr Street. Going here is like going to Nona’s house, with straight forward food, well prepared. The service is excellent.
  9. Noble Bistro is likely the most creative restaurant in Oakville. The chef, originally from Prince Edward County, really understands his ingredients and serves locally produced and in season ingredients. Their menu changes regularly. Located in Downtown Oakville, you really need to have a meal at Noble.
  10. La Parisienne is one of the last truly French restaurants in Oakville. It has been located in Bronte Village for years. Though it has seen a change in management, the quality is as good and often better then it was.

The prices of Oakville’s Top 10 Restaurants will vary, and for more information just click on their names for locations along with contact information.

So there you have it, Oakville’s Top 10 Restaurants. Oakville has really become a community that embraces restauranteurs who are willing to go the extra mile. These restaurants provide a great positive atmosphere, strong service, and really delicious food.

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