Oakville’s Ward 6 Candidate: Asjad Hussain

Asjad Hussain middle eastern man
Oakville’s Ward 6 Candidate: Asjad Hussain
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Mr. Hussain’s passion for social work, desire for positive change and healthy community building is clearly apparent after our conversation about his decision to run for Ward 6’s town councillor seat.

He is well known in the community for his efforts in forming a not-for-profit organization know as Amal Foundation Canada, where he is president. This organization’s objective is community building through social work and various events throughout the year.

Additionally, he is a vice chairman of another not-for-profit organization named Canadian Association of Pakistan Origin. CAPO provides services and resources in the community for new immigrants and seniors, offer free tutoring for children, hold health seminars, assist clients with legal issues and much more.

Hussain is also part of Oakville community policing and has participated in various events.

“Oakville is a diverse community with various concerns,” Hussain comments.

The concerns of Oakville residents include but are not limited to improved transit system, control of urban growth, preservation of nature and green spaces, employment opportunities, control of traffic during rush hours and more community engagement.

“I am not here to make false promises that are short lived. Rather I would stimulate valuable discussions among community members to find alternatives together and provide the best means possible for the issues facing Ward 6 residents, as well as Oakville community in general,” said Hussain.

He emphasized his years of social work and experiences and his passion for assisting those in need. His objective is to bring important issues to the table, find solutions and provide excellent services and resources. These include senior citizens that are living in isolation, families facing financial crisis, individuals in trouble with the law and so on. Additionally, health and legal seminars will be held to provide new residents information and resources.

Hussain is married and is currently living in Oakville with his four children and his daughter-in-law. Lastly, he is a business owner of a family run security company.

Contact Asjad Hussain

mobile: 647-703-0044
email: khadimiqbal@hotmail.com
web: www.hussainasjad.ca

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  1. Naeem Baloch says:

    Asjad Hussain is a nice n wise personallity

  2. babloo says:


  3. Sandra says:

    Asjad is a great person who loves to help people. I’ve had an opportunity to experience that. Thank you Asjad for everything.

  4. Jawa says:

    Asjad has done a lot for community. He has a leadership qualities. I wish he would be in the upcoming election. We need a leader like him.

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