Oakville’s Ward 6 Candidate: Carleen Antonsen

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It isn’t often you get to meet a person that helped make Spar Aerospace’s Canadarm 2, but I had the pleasure of chatting with Carleen Antonsen about her decision to run in this month’s by-election for the position of Ward 6 Town Councillor.

Like so many Canadians, Carleen is a first generation Canadian. Her parents were originally from Holland, and her dad played a role in the Dutch resistance during WWII. She was raised with a heightened awareness of how important democracy is in guarding our freedoms, and believes that she has the time and skills that will benefit Ward 6 residents.

Having been raised in Peterborough, she and her husband decided that Oakville with it’s community centres and excellent programs would be a great place for their family. They moved into the neighbourhood of Wedgewood Creek 10 years ago, where they still live. Wedgewood Creek sits between Eighth line and Trafalgar Road north of Upper Middle Road.

“I love the trails, and watching all the birds that use it as a flyway.” As we are talking she takes note of the different birds in the area by their songs.


Carleen has been very active in the community. She is a member of the Association for Bright Children, which works with the local school board to advocate for the needs of gifted children, the Carousel of Nations which celebrates the cultures of the communities that make up Canada, and was a strong supporter of MPP Kevin Flynn when he announced he would not support the Gas Plant.

The issues Carleen feels are facing Ward 6 are:

  1. Suburban sprawl – “Did you know that there is only one working farm in our ward, ” she stated.
  2. Protection of green space
  3. Taxation: ensuring people are getting the best value possible for their tax dollar
  4. Traffic: slowing the speed of traffic on Eighth Line and Trafalgar Road; reducing rush hour problems near Upper Middle and Ninth Line”

Information on Carleen Antonsen
home: 905-337-9951
email: cs.antonsen@teksavvy.com
web: www.antonsen.ca



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  1. Gordon Brennan says:

    During the All Candidate Meeting, Carleen said to me, “Why are you bothering to run?” after I mentioned to her that I do not reside in Ward 6…Nice.

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