Oakville’s Ward 6 Candidate: Linda Nazareth

Linda Nazareth in a pink blazer
Oakville’s Ward 6 Candidate: Linda Nazareth
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The field of candidates for the position of town councillor for Ward 6 includes Linda Nazareth who submitted her candidacy on May 4th, and was a town councillor candidate for Ward 5 in the Oakville 2014 Municipal Election.

In 1977 her family moved to Bronte,  and since then Oakville has been her hometown. She graduated from QE Park High School, which has since been turned into a cultural and community centre. When she married and decided to have a family, she and her husband chose Oakville as the community best suited to raising her family. Her daughter, a high performance figure skater attended Sunnydale Public School.

Linda is best known as the on-air economist for CTV’s Business News Network from 1999 to 2012. She is a graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters in Arts and Economics. Along with her position with BNN, Nazareth found time to write three books: “The Ever After Effect”, “The Leisure Economy”, and her latest book “Economorphics”. Linda is also a Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at The Macdonald Laurier Institute, a right-leaning public policy think-tank. She received the Queens Jubilee Award in 2012. Currently, she is writing a new book called “Barista” which talks about the splitting of the labour market.

Linda Nazareth states that the issues facing Ward 6  are:

  1. Taxation: property taxes are rising too quickly
  2. Accountability: for people not taking care of your money
  3. Effective Communication with the residents through twitter and regular blog posts

The immense growth is going to require well thought out planning, according to Linda, who indicated that it will also require a great deal of the town’s resources.

The increase in jobs in Oakville are often retail positions, according to Nazareth, and our community has to attract knowledge based positions which pay extremely well.

Contact Linda Nazareth

email: VoteLinda@LindaNazareth.com
website: LindaNazareth.com
twitter: @relentlesseco

Please note that Linda Nazareth is a regular contributor to OakvilleNews.Org, you can read her articles: Linda Nazareth Articles



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Readers Comments (3)

  1. John McLaughlin says:

    Excessive Taxation, immense growth and Accountability. Linda understands the real issues – in this Ward 6 by election.

  2. Jenni says:

    Lower taxes? OMG no other person ever running for office has ever promised that! There are real issues, but she prob can’t see them from her tower, a ward away.

  3. John McLaughlin says:

    Lower Taxes are possible by simply spending less – it’s simple math and economics. Isn’t that a real issue?

    Councillor Knoll has apparently publicly endorsed a candidate in this Ward 6 by-election. He is also acting as a campaign chair or manager.

    Is it appropriate for a sitting Councillor to “endorse” a candidate for Council – as opposed to just offering support or best wishes? Doesn’t it leaves the impression that full Council, or the Town – also endorse that candidate?

    Aside from possibly influencing Ward 6 voters, doesn’t it create the appearance of a conflict? Doesn’t it represent a “political” position, when Council is apolitical?

    shouldn’t the ideas and policies of the candidate be paramount, not another Councillor’s endorsement.


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