The Oestreicher Family needs our help

The Oestreicher Family needs our help
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The Oestreicher family is in trouble. Their young children Ella (9 years old) and Brooke (7 years old) need their father, Jeff.

Seven years ago their mom, Carey-Ann Oestreicher suffered a traumatic brain injury; however, this was only the first of two medical blows. The second blow, the oncologist diagnosed Jeff with Esophageal cancer.

The doctor informed Jeff his cancer spread to the peritoneal lining of his stomach.

Carey-Ann continues to get better as each year goes by, but she still needs Jeff’s help. Her rehabilitation is far from over.

Jeff was the primary care giver for Ella and Brooke.

He made all their meals, packed the school lunches, and drove them back and forth from their activities. Since the beginning of his treatment, he is unable to continue with those tasks. Family and friends stepped up.

Family and friends can only do so much.

In addition to Jeff’s chemotherapy treatment plan, he participates in alternative cancer treatments costing the family thousands of dollars each month. They did find an option which requires surgery. It could be done in Calgary, but the hospital rejected him.

The family wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

They found a hospital in the US which would help prolong his life. The US treatment and added medical costs not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) are large. They are out of resources.

There is an option for Jeff. The family purchases the immunotherapy from the US, and administers it in Canada. This option costs at least $100,000.00.

The Oestreicher family is at a crossroads. Do they continue or stop? They desperately want to give Jeff the medical care. He deserves a shot at prolonging his life, and even better surviving. His children and wife need Jeff.

How to help the Oestreicher Family

They are asking for help. They set up a gofundme campaign. If you can help please click GOFUNDME. Any amount will help.

Jeff, Carey-Ann, Ella and Brooke need your help as they go through this extremely tough journey.

Jeff needs to be there for his family.



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