Ontario cannabis retailers announced for GTA

Ontario Cannabis Retailers
Ontario cannabis retailers announced for GTA
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The Alcohol and Gaming Commission announced the chosen Ontario Cannabis retailers. Only 25 retail shops will open in all of Ontario. The reason so few applicants received a licence is due to a shortage of supply. The 25 stores will open on April 1st.

The province received 60,000 applications for the 25 spots. The government divided Ontario into 5 regions, and each region has 5 spots. The AGCO accepted entries from January 7th to 9th. The entrants had to pay $75.

The chosen applicants must submit a Retail Operator Licence Application including a non-refundable $6,000 fee payment as well as provide a $50,000 Letter of Credit. They must also abide by the rules set out by the province.

Ontario Cannabis Retailers for


  1. Guruveer Singh Sangha
  2. David Nguyen
  3. Tripsetter Inc.
  4. Alexander Altman


  1. Heather Conlon
  3. Colin Campbell
  4. Dana Michele Kendal
  5. Hunny Gawri

It is unclear what happens should one of the lottery winners be in a community that has opted out of having retail cannabis stores in their community.

Communities have the option to opt-out until January 22, 2019. Should they not tell the province of their decision to opt-out by the deadline, the province will assume that the community will accept cannabis stores. Communities opting out may opt-in at anytime. However, once a community has opted in that decision is final.

At this point the City of Toronto announced that retail stores would be allowed to operate.

Oakville Town Council decides if it will opt-out at a meeting on January 14th at Halton Regions’ Council Chambers at 7:00 PM.

Other local decisions:

  1. Burlington Council votes on January 14 2019
  2. City of Mississauga opted out in December 2018
  3. Milton opted out in December 2018
  4. City of Hamilton Council votes on January 14 2019

Regulations established by the Government include:

  1. Cannabis retail stores must be at a minimum distance of 150 metres (approximately 500 feet) away from schools
  2. No one under the age of 19 are permitted to enter the stores
  3. Illegal cannabis retailers who operated after October 17, 2018 are not eligible for Ontario cannabis sales licenses
  4. A licence will not be issued to any individual or organization  associated with organized crime
  5. Individuals or entities applying for an operator licence must be in good standing with the government
  6. Recreational cannabis retail storefronts can only be stand-alone stores
  7. Individuals with a store authorization, cannabis retail managers and all retail employees must complete approved training which ensures the responsible sale of cannabis


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