Ontario Cannabis Store Distribution Centre is in Oakville

Ontario Cannabis Store
Ontario Cannabis Store Distribution Centre is in Oakville
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Several media outlets broke a story that Oakville is home to the Ontario Cannabis Store Distribution Centre.

In a press release issued at 6:00 AM Tuesday, January 8th, OPSEU President, Smokey Thomas provided the supposed street address of the distribution centre.

The Ontario government does not give exact locations of the 5 LCBO distribution centres. It provides just the city. The province does not provide this information for security reasons.

When asked about the security of the Ontario Cannabis Distribution Centre, Halton Regional Police Chief Tanner stated, “The government has legalized cannabis and are responsible for the production and security of legal government cannabis production and sales.”

When the liberals were in power they decided that Cannabis would be sold through the LCBO. Under the terms with the previous government the LCBO and OPSEU negotiated a collective agreement. The agreement was that frontline cannabis retail staff would have become OPSEU members.

When the Conservatives took power of the Ontario Government, they scrapped the plan to retail cannabis through the LCBO. Under the Liberal government the Ontario Cannabis Store distribution centre would be run by a third-party, which is exactly how the conservative’s are operating the centre.

Council became aware that a cannabis distribution warehouse was operating in Oakville in December when senior town officials shared information from the provincial government. Council and staff have respected the Province’s request that the location be kept confidential for reasons of security and employee safety.” – Oakville Mayor Rob Burton

Council Meeting on Retail Cannabis

On January 14th, Council will decide to either opt-out of the retail option for now. The meeting will take place at the Halton Regional Centre’s Council Chambers starting at 7:00 PM.

Retail Cannabis Stores in Oakville? posted on December 18, 2018


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