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Ontario Cutting the Red-Tape for Business

"Making Ontario Open for Business Act"

Ontario Cutting the Red-Tape for Business

The Ontario PC Government announced The Making Ontario Open for Business Act on October 23, 2018. If passed, the act cuts the red-tape on Ontario Businesses. The act creates as well as protects jobs. MPP Stephen Crawford outlined the act.

“Businesses told us that the previous government created a regulatory burden that chased businesses and jobs out of Ontario. We can’t afford to ignore the problem any longer” said Crawford.

“The Making Ontario Open for Business Act” is great for job creators, as well as people searching for work in Ontario. By reducing the cost and red-tape, we are once again making Ontario one of the best places in the world to invest and create jobs. Anybody who is prepared to work hard deserves a shot at a better job,” continued MPP Crawford.

The current regulations are inefficient, inflexible and out of date. The new act maintains standards that keep Ontarians safe and healthy.

Cutting the Red-Tape

Making Ontario Open for Business Act

  1. Minimum wage of $14/ hour will be indexed to inflation starting in 2020
  2. New personal emergency leave rules
    – workers will be able to take up to three days for personal illness
    – two days for bereavement
    – three days for family responsibilities
    – maintain leave provisions for victims of domestic or sexual violence (10 individual days)
  3. Reduce journeyman-to-apprenticeship ratios to one-to-one
  4. Wind down the complex bureaucracy at the Ontario College of Trades

“At the heart of our plan is the conviction that Ontario can once again be a great place to invest, grow and create jobs,” said Crawford “We’re reducing the amount of regulations in the province back to levels seen in other provinces. Currently, Ontario has 380,000 regulations, which is up from around 200,000 just 15 years ago. Cutting the red-tape creates new jobs, and tells the world, loud and clear that Ontario is open for business.”

“Yesterday’s announcement is welcome news for the Oakville Chamber of Commerce and our members. As Oakville’s business advocate, our position has been clear: Bill 148 was too much, too fast. The compounding labour reforms and unintended consequences came at too high a cost for Ontario’s economy and the businesses who employ Ontarians in Oakville and across our Province. The Oakville Chamber will continue to advocate on behalf of our members to ensure that the Government implements balanced policies that that make it easier to invest, start, and grow a business as well as build an economy that connects workers to jobs” said Drew Redden, President, Oakville Chamber of Commerce

More information can be found at “Making Ontario Open for Business Act”.