Ontario PC Million Jobs plan to bring 40,000 New Jobs Through Affordable Energy

Oakville PC Candidate Larry Scott, and Nepean-Carleton PC Candidate Lisa MacLeod
Ontario PC Million Jobs plan to bring 40,000  New Jobs Through Affordable Energy
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Larry Scott

Larry Scott

Larry Scott is a senior finance professional with strong international experience leading fixed income and commodities businesses. His career culminated with a successful role as head of the global commodities business for Bank of Nova Scotia. He is the Provincial candidate the Conservative Party.

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“New and better jobs require a new plan for energy,” said Ontario PC Candidate Lisa MacLeod. “That means replacing skyrocketing energy prices with affordable prices to bring 40,000 new jobs to Ontario.”

Many businesses in Oakville are struggling because of higher hydro rates.

“Wasteful McGuinty-Wynne subsidies and the billion dollars wasted on the gas plant scandal
have sent jobs and opportunities out of Oakville and out of Ontario,” said MacLeod. “By ending the wasteful wind and solar subsidies, we can save $20 billion each year in energy costs and get more Ontarians into the workforce.”


“Under the Liberals, big businesses filled their pockets and put thousands of people out of work.”

“It’s time for a party with a plan for lower energy rates. It’s time to help employers create 40,000 jobs, save thousands more and get Ontario working better,” said MacLeod.




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