OPP seizes assets in Oakville for Project HOBART

Project HOBART
OPP seizes assets in Oakville for Project HOBART
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An asset seizure and criminal bust was executed by the Ontario Provincial Police in Oakville and other towns yesterday as part of Ontario’s Project HOBART. Some of the assets include cash, luxury homes, sports cars, and illegal narcotics.

Oakville was one of the four (4) principal search warrants issued yesterday for the seizure. Twelve seizures were done across Ontario in total, collecting over $24 million in assets.

The OPP also describes that “On July 29, 2020, police and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) executed four (4) search warrants in London, Oakville, Toronto and Pickering.”

Halton Regional Police Service was one of several teams that was part of this operation. Regional police from other cities, the Provincial Asset Forfeiture Unit, and the RCMP were present.

Project HOBART is an OPP operation against organized crime in Ontario. Also involved in the broader investigation and active takedowns were members of the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch and Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau (OCEB).

What Project HOBART seized yesterday

Other judicial warrants were at eight (8) locations in London, Toronto, Welland and Thornbury. These resulted in the seizure and/or restraint of $24 million worth of assets including:

  • Three (3) residences and 1 vacant vacation property;
  • Eight (8) vehicles; including sports cars, a vintage automobile and one Harley Davidson motorcycle;
  • The financial assets of three land/property development companies, including building lots in the Collingwood area; one of which has a $7-million newly-built house on it;
  • $82,590 CDN in addition to $25,398 USD in cash; and,
  • Approximately 7 kilograms of Psilocybin and .5 kilogram of Marijuana for a total value of $66,986.


“Police and our partner agencies are again demonstrating that we are relentless in our pursuit of criminal organizations,” said Chief Superintendent Kari Dart.

“We are in pursuit of their leaders, their associates, and their criminal lifestyle to ensure the safety of our communities.”

Back in December 2019, Project HOBART saw 18 police agencies and enforcement organizations combine to end an illegal gaming enterprise. Members include three suspects of known criminal organizations and one prospect member of the Hells Angels.

In addition to his previous charges, Hells Angels member Robert Barletta is in custody. As a result, Barletta faces charges of Money Laundering and Fraud (related to Tax Evasion) against the Government of Canada.

You can learn more about this case by reading online with the Ontario Provincial Police.


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