Our List of Contributors

This is a list of authors/contributors to OakvilleNews.Org – the number beside the role indicates the number of articles that they have posted. If you are interested in contacting one of these individuals please send an email to OakvilleNews@gmail.com.

Names are listed alphabetically

Ailene Gomez Contributor 2

Alex Newman Contributor 1

Aliya Khan Author 10

Allan Elgar Author 6

Ana Hourahine Contributor 1

Andrea Swinden Contributor 2

Andreas Papadopoulos Contributor 1

Andrew Shannon Contributor 1

Angela Amalfitano Contributor 2

Ann Adair Contributor 1

Ann Bownan Contributor 1

Ann Mulvale Contributor 2

Ann Sargent Author 7

Anna Larson Contributor 3

Bill Smith Contributor 1

Bob Ferguson Contributor 1

Brad Park Contributor 1

Brenda Dushko Author 20

Brenda Ridgway Author 11

Brendan Scullion Contributor 4

Brittany Dennison Contributor 1

Brittany Goettler Contributor 4

Bryan McIntyre Contributor 3

Carla Perrotta-Pyrgos Contributor 4

Carolyn Cross Author 3

Cassandra Umbriaco Contributor 3

Catherine Mulvale Author 5

Chantal Corner Author 116

Charles Demuynck Contributor 4

Che Marville Contributor 2

Chloe Shackelton Contributor 1

Chris Banks Contributor 1

Christine Szustaczek Author 80

CJ Martin Contributor 2

Clayton Theriault Contributor 5

Colin Rabyniuk Contributor 7

Cynthia Silversides Author 79

Dan Pino Contributor 9

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