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Parasite: Movie Review

Parasite: Movie Review
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Dylan J. Mayberry

Dylan J. Mayberry

Dylan J. Mayberry is an aspiring actor and has a strong passion for film. He was born in Brampton Ontario and has recently moved to Oakville. He is a graduate of Acting for Film & Television from Niagara college.

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It’s not often that a foreign film comes along and makes waves in North America. But lately some real talent enters our world, and people are starting to notice. Now with all of the buzz surrounding Parasite, there is hope for the Oscar’s first Foreign Best Picture. However, while it is a very well-made movie, it doesn’t quite hit the top.

With a plot that turns several times and keeps you guessing throughout, loads of tension, and well-rounded performances, this is a very good movie. Though while that plot keeps you guessing, it doesn’t feel quite right when the story takes it’s turns.

While the Kim family are living in poverty, they are given a blessing in the form of an old friend. He offers their son the chance to tutor the daughter of the wealthy Park family. What follows is this family’s greed coming out as they try to find more and more ways to get employed.

This Is So Metaphorical.

Firstly, the most compelling part of this movie is the plot. It’s so interesting seeing how these two families slowly blend in together. And it’s really funny at first. These characters start off so charming and fun to watch. Though as the film progresses, you begin to lose a lot of that. And while that may be intentional, the way the movie is presented makes you think otherwise. It’s difficult to get into detail about the story as it needs to be seen unspoiled.

Next, the characters are strong. Despite the story following a path you may not expect, the actors all perform really well. Particularly Yeo-jeong Jo as Mrs. Park, she plays the most endearing and empathetic character in the entire film. She’s the one you root for the most as she just wants what’s best for her family. Everyone else does a great job of keeping the story grounded and believable.

The Verdict.

Fans of foreign films and unique films like The Lighthouse will enjoy this movie. Though if you don’t prefer to read subtitles the whole time, this isn’t for you. And Children may not be suitable for it as there is coarse language and some dark themes.

Parasite manages to tell an interesting but flawed story and still makes a strong case for the quality of foreign films.



8 out of 10.

2 hrs 12 Mins.

Written and Directed by Bong Joon-ho.

Starring Yeo-jeong Jo, So-dam Park, Woo-sik Choi, and Kang-Ho Song.




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