PC Candidate a No-Show at Education Debate

PC Candidate a No-Show at Education Debate
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Ellen Kuschnik

Ellen Kuschnik

Ellen is the co-campaign manager for Kevin Flynn who is the incumbent member of provincial parliament for the riding of Oakville, Ontario. She is a graduate of McMaster University.

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The Progressive Conservative candidate for MPP of Oakville riding failed to show up at a debate on education issues Tuesday night at White Oaks Secondary School.

Larry Scott was the only no-show at the event, organized by Don Vrooman, one of the Halton District School Board trustees representing voters in the riding.

Incumbent MPP and Liberal candidate Kevin Flynn suggested that Scott may not have wanted to come face to face with some of the 100,000 Ontarians who stand to lose their jobs if PC Leader Tim Hudak ends up forming a government. “Hudak confirmed that teaching jobs were on the chopping block,” Flynn said.

Hudak has vowed he would increase classroom sizes; increase the ratio for full-day kindergarten to one teacher for every 20 students from the current ratio of two teachers per 26 students; and cut 9,700 non-teaching positions in schools.

Meanwhile, Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne promises to improve math scores, require 60 minutes of physical activity as part of each school day, invest $10 million for a nine-month paid community work and service program to help graduating high school students, increase apprenticeship training and university spaces, and continue the 30% off tuition grant for eligible post-secondary students.

Scott’s failure to show mimics his leader’s failure to show up Monday in Thunder Bay at the first leaders’ debate on northern issues.

Commented Flynn: “Failing to show up just shows the Tories can’t defend their platform.



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  1. Mike says:

    Okay. I get that this is a biased-based article, but between not showing up for this debate and his non answer to all 11 questions posed by the Halton Chair (which all other candidates took the time and effort to answer intelligently), you have to wonder what Larry Scott has to offer besides regurgitating talking points from Hudak or making empty promises (you can’t claim you’ll “be there for the community” if elected, and expect people to believe that when you don’t show up for the occasional debate or fill out a simple questionnaire before the election).

    Comment from the Editor: Larry Scott did provide one answer to cover all the questions included in the Halton Candidates’ questionnaire.

    • Mike says:

      Yes, but the non answer ‘Therefore, to answers all your questions: There is no significant amount of money available from the provincial government to try and buy solutions to our problems here in Halton. In spite of that, you have my personal commitment to work with you, to examine solutions that you may have or will come up with, to better serve all the people in Halton.’ really has nothing to do with specific questions about the approach to infrastructure or voting for the community vs. voting along party lines. Scott should try to follow the example of strong candidates like Ted Chudleigh who take the time to read and understand each question, providing answers that make sense rather than leave people with the impression he has no interest in responding to queries about real-world situations.

  2. Susan says:

    It’s time to update your news feed…Larry Scott attended the Unifor debate on Wednesday and did a great job.

    • Nolan Machan says:

      Thank you for your comment. The candidates decide how frequently they wish to post an update. I’ll make sure your comment is forwarded to Larry Scott.

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