Petty Officer 2nd class Anika Buckley deployed to the Sea Cadet Tall Ship

Petty Officer 2nd class Anika Buckley
Petty Officer 2nd class Anika Buckley deployed to the Sea Cadet Tall Ship
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Oakville Sea Cadet Petty Officer 2nd class Anika Buckley was one of 58 cadets chosen from across Canada attended the Tall Ship deployment. The Sea Cadet Tall Ship Deployment was conducted from the 11th to the 17th of March 2018.

Petty Officer 2nd class Anika BuckleyThe aim is to offer an at-sea practical Sail Training opportunity for 15-17-year-old Sea Cadets to voyage under sail in a traditional maritime environment. Two Tall Ships were be deployed to support Area of Operations of Victoria, Gulf Islands, Strait of Georgia, and Vancouver. Each Sea Cadet was a member of a watch in various roles (such as raising and lowering sails, helmsman, and galley assistant) and navigation, seamanship and sailing skills (such as chart work, rope work, and at sea communications).

Petty Officer 2nd class Anika Buckley, a 15 year old from TA BLakelock High School joined the Oakville Corps almost 4 years ago. She wanted to make new friends, and her mother had been a cadet. Her love of sailing and physical activity attracted to the sea cadets. However, she took part because it’s fun.

Petty Officer 2nd class Anika BuckleySea Cadets specialize in sailing, seamanship, shipboard life, naval communications, power boat handling, boat repair, and marine engineering. Selected senior cadets have the opportunity to attend international exchanges, to sail aboard a Tall Ship or participate in ship deployments aboard Canadian Navy and Coast Guard ships. Additionally, Sea Cadets can compete for a chance to participate in annual sailing regattas! Summer training programs are available and Cadets get paid to attend.

Sea Cadets also participate in ceremonial events and citizenship. Additional objectives of the program provide opportunities that allow them to connect to their Canadian naval heritage and provides a platform to develop skills that will promote future community leaders.

The Cadet Program is the largest federally-sponsored youth program in Canada. It is a national program for young Canadians aged 12 to 18 who are interested in participating in a variety of fun, challenging and rewarding activities while learning about the sea activities of the Canadian Forces.

Oakville Sea Cadets are extremely proud of Petty Officer 2nd class Anika Buckley.

Petty Officer 2nd class Anika Buckley


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