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Pokemon Go for Jobs
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Laura Machan

Laura Machan is a senior recruiter with 20 years of experience. She solves complex business problems one search at a time.

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Are you playing Pokemon? If you are not, you probably know someone who is. It’s pretty fun to stumble across a little digital creature, toss a few balls at it and add it to your collection. I am at level six which, apparently, is pretty good for someone my age.

Part of the reason kids are successful with this game is that other kids tell them where to look. I was parked in front of a store yesterday and was not allowed to pull out of the spot because the folks in my back seat heard there was a rare Pokemon in the parking lot.

Imagine, if we were this vigilant in helping people find jobs. When was the last time you forwarded a job posting? When you see roles open up at your company, do you pause for a moment to think about anyone you know who might be interested?

You should. You would want your friends to think of you, right?

Most of us stumble across interesting corporate information all the time. We are usually going too fast or too inwardly focused to think about others.

Let’s take a lesson from the kids. You don’t have to go to their extremes. I am not suggesting you end up on private property or jump in the lake in search of a great job lead for your brother-in-law, but you could certainly be more open and thoughtful. We could all do that.


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