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Positive ticketing initiative rewards Oakville youth

positive ticketing initiative
Positive ticketing initiative rewards Oakville youth
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Nolan A Machan

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The Town of Oakville, in partnership with Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS), launched a positive ticketing initiative this week to recognize youth for performing good deeds in their community.

HPRS community officers will hand out positive tickets to kids in Oakville spotted committing random acts of kindness or exhibiting positive behaviours that enhance the community. Each ticket includes a complimentary pass to one of the town’s drop-in youth programs.

“Our youth make great contributions to our community’s livability each and every day,” said Mayor Rob Burton. “This initiative recognizes those positive acts while introducing them to the excellent youth programs and services the town offers.”

The tickets also give officers a chance to interact positively with youth by recognizing a variety of good deeds and behaviours including:

  1. practicing personal safety such as wearing bicycle helmets
  2. doing various good deeds
  3. participating in community activities
  4. demonstrating community pride (e.g., picking up trash)
  5. deterring crime
  6. observing school crossing rules
  7. assisting an officer

“Positive ticketing is a great way for officers and youth to connect,” said HRPS High School Liaison Officer, Richard Judson. “It’s important for local youth to know that positive deeds are noticed and appreciated. We’re hoping for a trickle-down effect of positivity through our youth leaders.”

For more information about the town’s youth services, visit Oakville.ca


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