Preventing Elder Abuse & Neglect in Oakville

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How to protect yourself from abuse:

  • Stay as active as you can – go on outings with friends; volunteer; join a gym; visit neighbours
  • Maintain your friendships and maintain contact with loved ones
  • Have any cheques that you may receive, i.e., pension cheques automatically deposited to your bank account
  • Have bills, such as your telephone bill, automatically paid from your bank account
  • Get legal advise when creating, and/or have a lawyer draw up a Power of Attorney for Property and/or Power of Attorney for Personal Care for you
  • Only grant attorneyship (as in a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and/or a Power of Attorney for Personal Care) to someone, or some people, that you know you can trust, and whom you know will respect your wishes
  • Write into your Continuing Power of Attorney for Property instructions regarding when it is to come into effect
  • Attend educational seminars/sessions that are being offered in your community regarding the abuse of older adults, your rights, senior’s safety, etc.
  • Call the Halton Seniors Helpline at: 1-866-457-8252

How to prevent the abuse of Oakville’s older adults

  • Educate yourself about the abuse of older adults and the rights of older adults
  • Become involved in the Elder Abuse Prevention Committee of Halton and encourage the development of educational sessions for older adults on their rights
  • Learn about the rights of seniors and explain these rights to older adults that you know
  • Listen to older adults – take time when speaking to them about their current situation and offer suggestions regarding how they might keep themselves, and their assets, safe
  • Take an older friend out to lunch, visit them, call them to see how they are doing – in short, keep in touch older adult family members and friends

If you are being abused or suspect someone is being abused in Oakville, here is what you can do:

  • Talk to a trusted person
  • Talk to your clergy or doctor
  • Talk to the Elder Services Coordinator of the Halton Regional Police Service 905-878-5511
  • Call the Halton Seniors Helpline 1-866-457-8252
  • Call the local community legal clinic 1-800-668-8258
  • Call the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee 1-800-366-0335

For more information on Elder Abuse in Ontario contact the Ontario Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse.



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  1. Lesley McVean says:

    I called police on three different occasions involving a senior being evicted from their apt ad their son Power of Attorney! First timebin the amount of $15, 000 and years later $17, 000!

    Police took senior to bank to change debit card as their child (in their 40s) would not return it! Police said bank mgr stated 3 pensions were withdrawn that morning!

    They just asked senior to press charges and senior said no yet if police witness fights or get a call on domestic someone goes to jail!

    System doesn’t work to pprotect seniors@


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