Project #Noisemaker begins in Halton Region

Project #noisemaker
Project #Noisemaker begins in Halton Region

Halton Regional Police Service is beginning Project #Noisemaker today, June 10th 2020. The project is a new initiative is an effort to address concerns of loud, illegally modified vehicles in Halton.

The Halton Regional Police Service has received numerous complaints from across the region regarding loud and unnecessary noise from motor vehicles which have been modified by removing the mufflers, or modifying the exhaust system.

It’s been observed through recent proactive enforcement that this unnecessary noise often connects to other crimes. The unnecessary noise can be accompanied by other illegal vehicle modifications, unsafe vehicle conditions and aggressive driving behaviours.

The Halton Regional Police will be initiating Project #Noisemaker in response. The region-wide project will be launching today, June 10th 2020, and will run until October 31st 2020.

Project #Noisemaker aims to address concerns of motor vehicles with illegal modifications, unsafe motor vehicles, and aggressive driving.

Under the noise by-law, motorcycles cannot operate in Oakville if the exhaust emits sound above 92 decibels (dBA) at idle – Town of Oakville

As part of Project #Noisemaker, Officers from District Response Teams and Regional Traffic Services will collaborate with partner agencies on several tasks. These include conducting inspections through an Operation Wreck Check.

Another focus will be targeting illegal street racing activity through Project ERASE (Eliminate Racing Activity on Streets Everywhere). Finally, Project #Noisemaker will partner with Municipal Enforcement Officers to conduct enforcement of the Town of Oakville’s motorcycle noise by law.

The Halton Regional Police Service remains committed to road safety through prevention, education and enforcement initiatives.

Anyone with enforcement concerns should fill out an online form. This form is available on the Halton Regional Police Service website here: https://www.haltonpolice.ca/services/reporting/trafficcomplaints.php



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