Puppy Mill closed by Oakville Milton Humane Society

Beagles puppies found outside with little shelter and frozen water.

Puppy Mill Beagle Puppies
Puppy Mill closed by Oakville Milton Humane Society

Found in deplorable conditions all the agents from the Oakville Milton Humane Society were required to save traumatized and abused animals from a puppy mill.

On Friday February 13, 2015 OSPCA Agents from the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS) attended a property in the area of Trafalgar Road and the 401 in response to allegations of a puppy mill operation at a Milton address. OSPCA Agent & OMHS Animal Protective Services Manager, Laura Mackasey attended the scene with a local veterinarian and the Halton Regional Police with a warrant obtained earlier that day. Upon inspection, it was determined by a veterinarian that all the dogs and rabbits found on the property needed to be removed.

“Removals of this caliber put an enormous financial strain on the shelter.”

The OMHS removed a total of 10 rabbits and 28 dogs and 1 cat, including a litter of puppies, 4 pregnant females at full term and 2 deceased animals from the Puppy Mill. The removal required assistance from all OMHS staff to process the transportation, triage, housing and care for all the animals.

The dogs, mostly beagle type dogs, were found living outside with inadequate shelter and only frozen water in their bowls while the rabbits were also housed with inadequate conditions for the cold weather. The litter of puppies and their mother were taken to a veterinary hospital for immediate attention. All dogs and rabbits were examined by veterinarians and are being treated for any health concerns.

These poor dogs and rabbits were living outside without proper shelter during one of the coldest winters we have had. Now they are safe and warm under our loving care.Charges may be pending as OSPCA Agent Laura Mackasey continues the investigation this week.

“We would like to encourage the public to forward any concerns for animal neglect to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society” said OSPCA Agent Laura Mackasey, “ because in this case, 39 animals were saved from just one phone call about a neglected donkey.”

The Oakville & Milton Humane Society already had 27 dogs in their care before the Puppy Mill removal, stretching the limited resources even further by taking in an additional 39 more animals. Removals of this caliber put an enormous financial strain on the shelter as we provide the necessary care and medical attention for the new arrivals and then continue our care for our current shelter family.

A registered charity, the Oakville & Milton Humane Society receives no government funding or funding from any animal welfare organization to care for the animals in need. The OMHS relies on the compassion and generosity of the community to “speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

If you wish to make a contribution to the Oakville & Milton Humane Society please click the following link: Donation OMHS.


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Readers Comments (26)

  1. Linda Henry says:

    I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude towards the humane society that are taking care of these animals from such a horrific nightmare of a facility…thank goodness for the complaint about the donkey…I do hope the donkey is rescued as well ? I am selling cupcakes for National Cupcake Day and would like to donate some of my proceeds to your facility that is taking care of these pups and others who were rescued..Thank you soo soo much

  2. Linda Henry says:

    I know this neighbourhood and they are extremely generous and will help out the humane society for their helping these animals..so pleased that they were saved.

  3. Kirstley says:

    Amazing to hear that these animals are all now safe and sound. Will the OMHS be needing foster families for any of them?

  4. Mark says:

    I’m impressed….FINALLY. So why is it that Stratford SPCA is actual in Support of puppymills in that area?

    • Michela says:

      I heard about that too Mark. There is also a vet hospital there that is supporting local puppy mills.

  5. Verna Brunet says:

    Thank you for all the work you’ve done.
    What about the neglected donkey? It doesn’t say you removed a donkey?
    Do the puppy mill owners have the right to demand the return of the animals removed?
    Why hasn’t our highly paid lawmakers included in the laws, an obligation on the part of the owners of these animals, to pay all your costs for vet care, food, etc,?

  6. Judy says:

    Wonderful work! Poor little things….unacceptable And what happened to the donkey?

  7. Greg says:

    This story is missing a ‘where do we help’ link, so I looked one up. For those that want to help with the rescue costs of these animals:

    • Nolan Machan says:

      Thank you for adding this link. It will be added to the body of the post as well.

  8. Linz says:

    Geat service to the animals, let’s hope justice is served & the charges are laid & those responsible serve time for the appalling conditions & abide. Ontario has new stiffer animal laws, let’s see them in action!! For the sake of the animals.

  9. Joanne Bilodeau says:

    It’s about time ! Now let’s get the rest of them !

  10. Julie Harris says:

    I have always been amazed at the work Oakville Milton Humane Society does. As the owner of a puppymill survivor I know first hand what effects places like this have on the dogs.
    Currently we are trying to work with the Perth East Township to change the by-laws for the slew of puppymills they have in the area and surrounding area.
    I hope Perth takes a page out of your book and realizes the needs for these places to be shut down is much greater than the response they have thus far taken.
    Thank you for all the amazing work you do.

  11. Caitie says:

    How can I donate to the Oakville Milton Humane Society?

  12. Shannon Gauvin says:

    I am interested in finding out about adopting one of the puppies when they are ready to go.

  13. Adriana says:

    I am in tears reading this horrific message of animal abuse! I hope justice and charges are laid. Unbelievable how can any human do this to our 4 legged best friends! I am in shock now and just want to hug my 4 legged baby at home and tell him how much we love him!! I am from the Oakville area and feel sick with these news!.

  14. Sharon says:

    Good to hear that the animals were removed to a safe environment. I have been involved in Toronto recently with a very sad hoarding situation in which the animal welfare authorities did not remove animals from a private home until one was found beheaded on the lawn of the property in question. It should not take a horrific act before these agencies can or will take action.

  15. Chloe says:

    Will you be needing foster families? What supplies are needed?

  16. Maurice says:

    Thinking of assisting by fostering some puppies or adults untill a forever home is available. Please contact me if you could use the help

  17. Amy says:

    Where they animals which were seized bred for pet stores?

  18. the Pelans' says:

    After tears and anger put in check at this dreadful news I would like to donate our services to helping out…. be it blankets, food, cuddle time, and or temporary housing if you need it (we have a well socialized female border collie). I am slightly off of the Milton border but in Oakville often to come to help if you can use me there. Please email and we can work something out together. Blessings to all your wee new guests and thanks for being there for them all- always.

  19. Michela says:

    I would also like to know what happened to the donkey, it mentions it in the story but doesn’t say if he/she was rescued.

  20. Bill Slattery says:

    We would like to adopt a Beagle pup or maybe the mother or father.We have had Beagles in our lifes before.We know that their nose rules and they like to wander.Our last Beagle live to 17, Doe was a great friend. I’m 65 and the wife is 63 so maybe an adult would be best for us. It may not out live us 🙂

  21. John says:

    Why are the perpetrators of such a horrendous crime never reported. In other stories where the law has been broken, the names of the accused are also included. In not naming the accused, aren’t you simply enabling these perps?

    • Nolan Machan says:

      At the time of this event and release of information the person involved and had not been charged – if a person is charged then we do publish and update with the name. When the OMHS saved a 100 plus cats – the person was charged later and the name of the person was revealed.

  22. Jesais says:

    I adopted one of the dogs from this case and she is just lovely! the OMHS did absolutely wonderful work with her. She is adjusting wonderfully to being a family pet and is very loved. I hope this person was charged. Apparently, they never were and that is a terrible. These animals are just wonderful and people should be punished when they treat animals the way he did.

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