Radius Children And Youth Services

In 2014 Radius helped over 600 families in Oakville .

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Radius Children And Youth Services

Radius offers treatment services for children who have suffered interpersonal abuse: physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or physical and emotional neglect. It also offers services for children displaying troubling sexual behavior and adolescents who have sexual offended.

The Radius Children & Youth Service was formerly Halton Trauma Centre. The centre went through a rebranding in 2014 as part of their acquisition of the Sexual Abuse: Family Education and Treatment (SAFE-T) program.

The SAFE-T program was established in 1982 and started as a pilot project of group therapy services for adolescent girls who had experienced interfamilial sexual abuse. In 1985 the SAFE-T was established as an official program, expanding to include individual and family interventions.

In 1987 the program was expanded again to include service to adolescents who had sexual offended and allowed for research to be conducted.

In its 33 year history the SAFE-T program has published 24 studies that have been recognized internationally and have been cited in over 800 academic studies and book chapters around the world. In 2010 the SAFE-T program released its most comprehensive study, a 20 year follow-up on the effectiveness of treatment for adolescents who had been sexual offended.

The study found that after a 10-year check up only 5% of those who had been treated sexual reoffended compared to 18% of those in the comparison group. After a 20-year check up the study found at only 9% of those treated had sexual reoffended compared to 21% of the comparison group.

Radius recently received a funding commitment of over $100,00 for 2015-2016 from United Way.

“At United Way Oakville, we are extremely proud to provide funding to Radius Child and Youth Services. A true leader in its field, the programs and services offered by Radius are critical in building a safe and healthy community for everyone to enjoy,” United Way Oakville CEO Brad Park said in a press release.

Credit: Radius

Credit: Radius


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