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Rainfall Warning for Easter Weekend

Rainfall Warning
Rainfall Warning for Easter Weekend
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Environment Canada issued a special weather statement on Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 3:15 pm for a significant rainfall warning.

It is expected that the rainfall warning will end early on Easter Sunday.

This will be the first warning issued by Environment Canada this spring. The expectation is that Oakville could receive from 25 to 50 millimetres of rain on Good Friday.

Since we’ve already been experiencing steady rainfall over the past week, the ground is saturated. This additional amount of rain could cause flooding in low-lying areas. Creeks and rivers will be running fast. Use caution.

The rain is expected to begin tonight. Cooler air will accompany this event. Today we reached a high of 24. The temperature will drop to plus 7 by tomorrow afternoon. The clash of the two systems, may cause lightening this evening.

The heaviest downpour is forecast to last 7 hours, starting mid-morning on Good Friday. However, the rainfall may continue for 20 plus hours.

The wind speed will be moderate tomorrow  (30 to 40 km/hr) and drop to 5 km/h over Saturday. Gusts will occur but are not expected to be significant.

A couple of things to think about when you are preparing for a Rainfall Warning:

Keep bottled water on hand, though power outages are not expected. On Halton Region’s website there is an Emergency Preparedness Guide. It is a good thing to check.

If you are driving, use caution. Hydroplaning  can occur. Hydroplaning is when a layer of water comes between your tires and the road. It makes it difficult to control your vehicle. If you reduce your speed, the hydroplaning should stop.

Remember your neighbours. They might need assistance.


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