OCC hosts RBC Economic Outlook 2019

RBC Economic Outlook 2019
OCC hosts RBC Economic Outlook 2019
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The Oakville Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual RBC Economic Outlook 2019 at the Oakville Conference Centre.

RBC Economic Outlook 2019

Craig Wright ; Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

The morning offered an opportunity for both business owners and interested professionals to hear the expert opinions of an extremely knowledgeable panel as they discussed how today’s economic and social factors are affecting businesses.

RBC Economic Outlook 2019 Panelists

The panel, led by Tim Cesnick, Globe and Mail Columnist and CEO of Our Family Office included:

  1. Craig Wright, Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist, RBC
  2. Sean Simpson, Vice President, Ipsos Public Affairs
  3. Tim Hudak, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Real Estate Association
RBC Economic Outlook 2019

Sean Simpson Ipsos; Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

This signature event was sold out and provided an ideal opportunity to understand how today’s economic and social factors may impact each of our businesses, whether local or global. Questions to the panel were accepted from the audience and included such topics as;

Will Carbon tax truly have a significant impact on economy?

How do we move the housing industry to provide smart, affordable and sustainable home options?

Are there more creative solutions to providing affordable living options rather than the traditional home ownership model?

RBC Economic Outlook 2019

Tim Hudak; Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

Given the economists comments on household debt, should the government remove the stress test on mortgages?

A considerable Global GDP Growth rate led to the overall opinion that we are not in danger of a recession even though some markets appear “softer”. This certainly applies to the real estate market where prices prohibit young people and other first-time home buyers from being able to afford, and purchase, a home.

RBC Economic Outlook 2019

Tim Cesnick; Photo Credit: Janet Bedford

“The Oakville Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the Oakville community”.

About Oakville Chamber of Commerce

To learn more about the benefits of membership, please contact Shane Cullis, Vice President of Membership Development at shanecullis@oakvillechamber.comor (905) 845-6613 x 2014.

The RBC Economic Outlook is but one example of hoe the Oakville Chamber of Commerce serves our community.

“The RBC Economic Outlook is one of the Oakville Chamber’s signature events. We are excited to debut the new format and I looked forward to hearing the panelists observations on the economy as we head into the New Year” stated Tim Caddigan, Chair of the Board, Oakville Chamber of Commerce. “We thank our partners RBC, Henderson Partners LLP, the Oakville Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB) and Ipsos Canada for their support in making this event possible.”

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