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Renovation Stress Buster Tips: Oakville Interior Designer

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Vanda Albuquerque

Vanda Albuquerque

Located in Oakville, Ontario, Vanda Albuquerque, owner and lead designer of Designed for Comfort & Style, has a unique edge in the interior design and decorating industry. As a Certified Interior Decorator & Designer, coupled with years of experience in Marketing and Project Management, Vanda brings an extensive educational and experiential background that is rarely found in this industry.

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Gutted kitchen

Gutted kitchen

While doing some research for a client project, I pored over several magazines (don’t have to be strictly home and design ones, the fashion magazines have great ideas too) and periodically turned to the web to browse websites looking for all kinds of inspirational ideas and options. While doing this, I decided to check out an article that had been sent to me by Style At Home.

The article which I found very informative had to do with stress reducing tips when renovating. I am sure many of you have at some point in your home ownership life been through some form of renovation. Well, if you haven’t, you just might want to browse through these tips and take note. Being in the design and decorating business, I do encourage clients and friends to plan ahead if they are going to have any home renovation work done. It can certainly reduce stress levels and even reduce the unplanned costs associated with a renovation project.

As I pondered these points, I figured there was no point reinventing the wheel trying to come up with more sage advice. Consequently, I am happily passing along these key stress reducing tips from the Style At Home article. Check out the link below………

Style at Home Article: 6 Tips to reduce stress when Renovating by Yuki Hayashi

Or, just read their tips below………

Finished kitchen

Finished kitchen

  1. Be realistic
  2. Come up with a project budget
  3. Find a VERY good contractor
  4. Expect waiting times
  5. Be the family spin doctor
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff



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