Road Safety during Halton Police Safe Cycling Campaign

Road Safety, Bicycle Safety
Road Safety during Halton Police Safe Cycling Campaign
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Detective Barry Malciw

Detective Barry Malciw

Detective Barry Malciw was the Media Relations Officer for the Halton Regional Police Services. He is a detective of the Halton Regional Police Oakville Criminal Investigations Bureau – Robbery Team.

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As the summer begins and bicycle and vehicle traffic increases on our roads, the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) are promoting road safety during the Safe Cycling campaign. This traffic campaign aims to promote safe cycling and to educate cyclists and motorists, who travel on roadways within Halton Region, about the rules of the road as contained within the Highway Traffic Act.

This will be the first year the Service has conducted the Road Safety campaign that focuses on education, awareness and high-visibility enforcement of traffic laws throughout Halton Region. Halton officers will focus on strategic enforcement between Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, July 16, 2017. Officers will be monitoring routes that are identified as having high volumes of cycling traffic and ensuring both motorists and cyclists are complying with the Highway Traffic Act.

“Whether you are a cyclist, motorist, or pedestrian, being aware of and respecting each other’s vehicles is the first step to increasing everyone’s road safety,” said Staff Sergeant Rob Lloyd, Traffic Services Unit. “Traffic safety is a priority for everyone – motorists, cyclists and pedestrians – and is a shared responsibility.”

Community concern over road safety issues and the number of incidents involving death and serious injury has increased in Halton Region. And with good reason: traffic safety remains a key concern in public safety risks facing our community today. Traffic safety is a priority for every day and is a shared responsibility.

In March 2016, HRPS distributed a survey to gauge the opinions of residents on policing matters. Survey recipients were asked questions relating to their experience with the Service, perceptions of crime in their community, feelings of safety and police priorities. The majority of respondents (61 per cent) indicated road safety and enforcement as their key concern.

As a result of complaints received last fall, HRPS has partnered with the traffic departments of each of the four local municipalities, public health and the cycling community to develop a road strategy to educate both motorists and cyclists how to share and follow the rules of the road. Each year, there are over 100 collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles. Since 2010, six cyclists have been killed in collisions with motor vehicles on Halton roads.

HRPS recognizes this public’s concern about road safety and engages in various campaigns throughout the year in efforts to educate the public and enforce the Highway Traffic Act and other traffic related legislation.

HRPS’ commitment to road safety supports its 2017-2019 Corporate Business Plan that launched in January: Community Safety and Well-being, and Outreach and Collaboration. The Plan, which provides the framework for police operations in Halton Region, is available at under Services -> Publications.



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