Rotary Clubs in Oakville at Midnight Madness

Rotary Clubs of Oakville
Rotary Clubs in Oakville at Midnight Madness
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Susan Sheppard

Susan Sheppard

Susan Sheppard is the communication volunteer for the Rotary Club of Oakville West.

For the first time, all the Rotary Clubs in Oakville will be represented at Midnight Madness. Check out the tent at the corner of Dunn & Lakeshore Road Friday night, July 19th. There will be Face Painting by Doodlebug to entertain your children as you experience Rotary, digitally, in person and on paper! Everything you ever wanted to know including events, charities and not for profits that Rotary supports in Oakville, Halton and around the world.

Did you know that the Rotary Club of Oakville West founded the Oakville Awards for Business Excellence 24 years ago!  That when the Waterfront Festival ended, the Rotary Club of Oakville Trafalgar stepped up with a community replacement, the Oakville Family Ribfest!  That the Rotary Clubs of Oakville owns and operates not-for-profit housing for community residents in need!  And that the new Passport Club South is bringing Rotarians together with 21stcentury technology.

Bottom-line, Rotarians raise money through fundraising events to give back to Oakville and beyond in a meaningful way ensuring that 100% of your donation benefits those less fortunate in Oakville by working directly with organizations like the Oakville Hospital Foundation, Halton Learning Foundation, Kerr Street Ministries, Food4Kids, Dreams Take Flight and many more.

In addition, Rotary offers the young people of Oakville many opportunities to advance their education, participate in community activities and attend dynamic business camps through bursaries, scholarships, clubs, sponsorships and mentoring.  Check out the website at www.rotaryoakville.orgfor details.


Rotary Clubs in Oakville is proud to be a strong and viable force, making a difference every day in some way, big and small, helping young and old, encouraging diversity and learning opportunities.  Rotary continues to do this with your support.  Thank you!

Please drop in for a visit during Midnight Madness, Rotarians look forward to meeting you!



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