I am Both Sad and Glad To See The Old OTMH Hospital Go!


Even in its day, when arriving at this entrance, one could have a variety of mixed emotions, a combination of being anxious / sad / or happy, depending on why one was there.

If you were the one being hospitalized, there was definite anxiety. However, if you were collecting a recovering relative or friend, then I remember being both happy and anxious.


Before the OTMH chimney stack was removed. I was not a fan of the black smoke that used to pour out of it when the hospital was burning something. Note the piles of metal ready to be moved and the concrete, all piled up ready to be ground up for infill.
Photo Credit: Nick Hutchins

Happy for my friends recovery, but anxious when dealing with the traffic. Trying to leave the hospital by maneuvering around the no parking circle entrance, which was always choked with parked vehicles, so was often challenging.


Here, I am standing where the old emergency would have been and behind me are the remains of the obstetrics wing. I may be smiling, but it’s also sad, as this was where my youngest daughter Jesseca was born. Photo Credit: Nick Hutchins

How sad it looks, just before it was knocked down.


On the bright side, before all the demolition happened, I understand that Oakville’s Horticultural Society and the Town rescued many of the plants, shrubs, bushes and small trees that we all used to enjoy.


Looking West 30 June 2018, there is now nothing left but piles of ground up concrete and a hole in the ground. Photo Credit: Nick Hutchins

However, the others, being too large particularly if they were located within the site, have been be lost. The Town will be ensuring that sufficient trees are planted elsewhere to maintain the desired growth of the Town’s tree canopy.


Looking East at the hole in the ground 3 July 2018, one can still see the high-rise parking garage to the right. Photo Credit: Nick Hutchins

There are mature trees surrounding the site on the Towns road allowance. These have mostly been fenced off, so most of the Town’s mature sidewalk trees around the site, are expected to survive.

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