Safe Haven: Movie Review

UnknownStarring Josh Duhamel & Julianne Hough as the love interests in the romantic thriller, Safe Haven is long in the tooth with a satisfying ending. The basic premise is that Kate has escaped a tragic life in Boston to a small sleepy coast town in North Caroline. There she meets Alex a widower with two small adorable children. Alex finds Kate attractive and the beginning of a love affair ensues. During the movie Kate’s life in Boston is slowly revealed, reaching a climax at the end of the movie – the thrilling part.

imagesThe scenery is great, and the actors do a good job with a mediocre script. If you like to see Josh Duhamel with his shirt off you’ll love this movie and Julianne Hough is a lovely looking lady. However, the book is a better read. If you loved the book – you might want to stay clear of the movie. If you want a mindless night out with your significant other – this movie might do the trick. Though there are a great deal more interesting things to do for the money then catching this flick.

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