Self-Quarantine for COVID-19 – Practical Tips

Self-Quarantine for COVID-19 – Practical Tips
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In Oakville there are at least 10 people from China who decided to self-quarantine, according to the Oakville Chinese Network. They showed no signs that they had contracted COVID-19, but they wanted to make sure that they would not infect anyone else. In order to self-quarantine they needed the support of family, friends, and the community at large.

A group of volunteers from the Oakville Chinese Network rapidly came together to respond to the needs of these individuals. They recognized that there were four primary challenges that needed to be addressed.

Airport Pick-up

Many of these individuals needed to be picked up from the airport. There were two options to safely move these individuals from the Airport to where they would self-quarantine. The first was to have their personal car brought to the airport, and they would drive themselves; and the second was to prepare a vehicle that created a barrier between the driver and the passengers.

Finding appropriate places to self-quarantine

Not everyone had a place where they could go, so the community located an empty apartment, a friend offered a room with its own separate bathroom, or in one case a family moved out of their home and into a friend’s home so that their parents could use their house.

Ensure adequate supplies

One group of volunteers ensures that the people in quarantine have all the necessary supplies, which can mean going to the grocery store, picking up clothes, or dropping off meals.

Mental Health Support

Being in quarantine for 14 days can be emotionally straining on any individual. The community recognized that it was important that mental health support was available which in most cases simply meant being available to speak with someone.

Practical tips to self-quarantine

Two of the individuals who self-quarantined but showed no signs of the illness never contracted COVID-19. Both indicated that they did so because she wanted to keep our community safe. When asked what advice they would give to others about being quarantined they gave several suggestions.

  • Keep working  – working from home has never been easier
  • Maintain a regular schedule of things to do
  • Speak regularly with friends and family via the internet
  • Ask for help such as shopping for food and other necessities
  • Exercise daily such as dancing or yoga
  • Take an online course
  • Work on a project
  • Borrow from the Oakville Public Library which has books, magazines, newspapers and movies available online for free

If you have any additional tips, please let us know. 

The main messages the Oakville Chinese Network wanted to share is for people to follow the public health recommendations such as frequently washing your hands and avoid large gatherings.

Additional COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Canadian Status Information post also includes links to the government websites for Canada, Ontario, and Halton Region



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