Shell Turns Down Bell Mobility Cell Tower in Bronte

Oakville’s Interim Radiocommunications Protocol recommends that cell towers not be placed within 200 metres of sensitive land use, such as homes and daycares.

Cell Communications Tower
Shell Turns Down Bell Mobility Cell Tower in Bronte

The Bronte Village Residents Association (BVRA) has received notification from Shell indicating that they will not support a proposal from Bell Mobility to locate a cell tower on their property at 3451 Rebecca Rd, Oakville, ON.

The BVRA was alerted that Bell Mobility had presented Shell with a proposal to locate a cell tower on their property. In response, the BVRA sent a letter to Shell outlining recent community response to cell tower proposals in the area and concern regarding the close proximity of 100 metres to residents and a daycare. On November 28th 2014, the BVRA received a response from Shell via email. The BVRA letter and response from Shell are available to the public on our website under “Current Issues.”

While the enjoyment and daily use of cellphones and wireless technology have become integral to modern life, like all things, there are pros and cons. The proliferation of cell towers across Canada in response to the increasing demand has become controversial due to concerns regarding possible adverse health effects from long term exposure to low level electric and magnetic fields.

“Bell Canada has placed powerful antennas 11 metres from a child’s bedroom and over the heads of our firefighters and refuses to move them. This is intolerable,” declared Oakville M.P. Terence Young in Parliament.

The BVRA is mindful of Ward 1 residents’ individual choice for wireless technology access and cell phone usage. The BVRA supports safe and responsible siting of cell towers adhering to a setback of 200 metres from sensitive land use areas such as residences, daycares and senior centres. This setback of 200 metres is outlined in Town of Oakville’s Interim Radiocommunications Facilities Protocol and the joint protocol of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.

In February 2014, Industry Canada released a new issue of the antennae tower siting protocol CPC-2-0-03 which “has procedures in place to address reasonable and relevant concerns of the local land-use authority (generally, the local municipality) and the community that it represents. The main objective of the antenna siting procedures is to facilitate an open, transparent process that promotes the continued safe expansion of wireless technologies and services while ensuring that the associated infrastructure is deployed responsibly by allowing for local input into antenna siting decisions”.



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