Significant Snowfall Warning for Sunday February 17 2019

significant snowfall January 08-2018
Significant Snowfall Warning for Sunday February 17 2019
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Environment Canada issued Weather Warning for a significant snowfall this morning at 4:30 AM. The warning is expected to be in effect until Tuesday morning. It is possible that we just miss the worst of it depending on the wind’s direction.

The snow starts falling lightly around mid-morning (40 per cent probability), and progressively gets worse as we move into mid-afternoon (70 percent probability). The snow fall will be consistent from that point on.

The forecast is for less than 1 cm per hour. It doesn’t sound like much.  but when you spread it out over 24 hours Oakville might see 24 cm of the white stuff. This is why Environment Canada issued the Weather Warning for significant snowfall.

Today’s high is 4 degrees and with the windchill feels like 11 minus. The temperature drops slighting to minus 5 for the remainder of the day. Overnight the temperature drops by 3 degrees. The windchill drops it down to minus 16.

The wind direction determines whether we get some snow or a great deal of snow.  For most of the day and into the evening the wind comes out of the North-East. This allows the wind to gather moisture off the lake and start dropping it on Oakville.

The wind changes direction, so that it comes out of the North early Monday. This moves the snow band over Hamilton. The worst of it will fall from Hamilton to Niagara Falls.

Wind speed starts off at 30 km per hour and drops slowly down to 26. Wind gusts range from 33 to 47 km per hour. Gusts are dangerous since they pick up the snow creating whiteouts.  The quality of the snow should be fluffy, which also contributes to whiteout conditions.

The closer to the lake you live the more snow you are expected to see.

The snowplows will be out in full force. Give them plenty of space, and especially don’t pass them on the right. The town has a snow plow tracker. Main arterial roads are cleared and salted regularly. Keep to those roads as much as possible.

If you are driving and end up in a serious white out, reduce your speed and if need be turn on your four way blinkers. This allows other drivers a greater chance of seeing you.  Keeping a snow shovel in your car is a good idea, along with an emergency preparedness kit. Halton Region has the list posted on their website.

If you’ll be walking listen carefully (turn down the volume on your headphones), and keep visually aware of your surroundings.

Drive with car, even if you have a four wheel drive vehicle.



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