Silicon Halton TU20 – What’s next for 2018?

Silicon Halton TU20
Silicon Halton TU20 – What’s next for 2018?
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Denys Linkov

Denys Linkov

Denys is a third year student at the University of Toronto studying computer science and employment relations. He started programming after getting bored of Lego in grade 9 and has worked on number of projects building web and mobile applications. He grew up in Oakville and currently leads Tech Under Twenty.

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As we wrap up our series, we would like to thank all the students who shared their stories. Thank you Mohammed, Griffin, Ken, Celine and Vikram
for sharing your stories about how you found summer work in the Halton tech industry through the Silicon Halton TU20 program. In case you missed the introductory article, you can find it here.

What’s Next?

Beyond finding a summer job, the students have also found a local tech community that they now belong to. The Silicon Halton TU20 initiative goes beyond just the helping students find work, we help students become leaders, build projects, find like-minded individuals and get more involved in their school communities.

Below are some upcoming TU20 initiatives happening this school year:

School Chapters – Ongoing

TU20 School Chapters

TU20 currently has five chapters operating in Oakville schools including: Abbey Park, T.A Blakelock, Iroquois Ridge, Oakville Trafalgar and White Oaks. Within the chapters, we aim to help students develop important skills, work on projects, and help them understand and explore the tech ecosystem. We focus on four main areas: Marketing, Graphic Design, Sales/Networking and Technology.

Our chapters are led by passionate students in each school and we are always looking for more students to join and help lead our programs! If you are interested in learning more about our school chapters, you may visit our website our at techundertwenty.com or attend our upcoming C3 Workshop.

C3 Workshop – Oct 21st, 2017

TU20 C3 Workshop

Hosted at the Iroquois Ridge Library Creation Zone, the C3 workshop is a great opportunity to learn about Silicon Halton and TU20, meet other students in your community and get a sneak peak on our upcoming initiatives. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to see our upcoming short Model TU20 and learn about the TU20 cup topic for this year. You can sign up for the event at tu20c3.eventbrite.com or learn more at our website at www.techundertwenty.com/c3-workshop.

TU20 Cup – March 2018

The inaugural 2017 TU20 Cup was a unique opportunity for students to build a prototype, write a business plan and present their idea to a panel of judges. There were some amazing ideas on the last year’s theme of How can we use technology to make education more efficient, more accessible and more interesting?

Our upcoming short film, Model TU20 follows the winning team of the 2017 TU20 cup.

The 2018 TU20 Cup will build on last year’s success and will feature a new theme for year. Stay tuned!


Learn2GetHired – May 2018

Last, but not least, Learn2GetHired is the program that helped many students find work for the summer! Learn2GetHired is a two a part event, first helping students learn the skills needed to land a summer job, and then putting them in front of local employers to pitch themselves!

There is still a while until our 2018 edition of Learn2GetHired, you learn more about the event by reading the six stories student stories, or by visiting our website!

And that concludes our series! There are many exciting things happening in our Oakville and Silicon Halton community, the key is knowing where to find them!

Silicon Halton TU20

Since it’s founding in 2009, Silicon Halton has brought together over 1400+ members, hosting 90+ events. Cofounded by Chris Herbert, Rick Stomphorst and Reema Duggal, Silicon Halton is going strong 8 years later.

In 2015, Silicon Halton had its first TU20 event called: “Developing Talent, Discovering Opportunities”. Since then, TU20 has hosted a number of programs and in school activities, for more information you can visit our website.


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