Six Activities to Build Community while Staying Safe

Spreading some sunshine amidst Covid-19

Six Activities
Six Activities to Build Community while Staying Safe
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Sarah McPherson

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If you’re like so many out in our community, you’re likely feeling disconnected, even feeling depressed and isolated. Despite all the social chatter, it’s sometimes hard to see anything positive happening. But we’re seeing some simple, and very thoughtful things happening and wanted to share just a few with you. We hope it’ll brighten your day, just a little.

Six Activities

1. Chalk Your Walk

We’ve seen kids getting involved in spreading some sunshine – just one simple thing (okay, better done when not raining) – draw or write an encouraging message on your driveway or sidewalk with chalk. When you’re finished, take a walk around your neighbourhood to check out everyone’s contribution. Here’s a great picture from the River Oaks Neighbourhood Association.

Consider setting up a “chalk your walk” with your neighbours this weekend. As a start, begin by writing positive affirmations for those in your neighbourhood. These drawings and messages are guaranteed to make any neighbourhood a little brighter.

2. Create an Art Gallery in your window

Take it off the fridge and move it to your window! Using our windows as a way to display artwork is a great way to add some much needed colour to our neighbourhoods. You can display the artistic masterpieces of your children or perhaps you have some of your own you’d like to share.

Looking for an extra special art project? Take the time to thank front-line workers by creating an art piece to recognize their efforts. An example of this can be seen here.

3. Take an online course from a local Oakville business

YMCA of Oakville, Oakville Public Library and Oakville Arts Studio are just some of the many local organizations offering classes online. Signing up for online classes is a great way to support local business, while still helping to keep your mind and body active.

As a challenge, try signing up for something you’ve never done before! Now is the perfect time to discover new passions.

COMMUNITY BOOST: Many more of our favourite organizations are looking to get started online, but need our help. Visit our website for a list of organizations who are looking for support in order to start up their own virtual classes.

4. Write letters to an Older Person

Keeping our elderly relatives safe can mean that a lot of them are feeling lonely right now. Others in our community may not have any family to keep in contact with, so this time of physical distancing can be even more isolating than before.

To further build connections, think about writing a letter to your relatives to give them updates of what’s going on in your life, or write to a stranger and introduce yourself.

For a list of retirement communities in Oakville, click here.

HEALTH TIP: To stop the spread of germs, make sure you sanitize your hands, and glue the envelope shut instead of licking it.

5. Put up Holiday Lights as a sign of hope

#HolidaysinMarch is a trend we’ve been seeing on social media lately. Many communities around the world are relighting their holiday lights as a sign of solidarity with their neighbours.

Putting up holiday lights also makes for another safe social distancing activity, as people can drive around and look at the lights.

6. Netflix Party with your Neighbours

Although it may seem like the only option, movies don’t have to be watched alone in bed. A great way to stay connected while still staying safe is through the Google Chrome extension “Netflix Party.”

Simply start a watch party on Netflix and invite your friends. Try setting up a community movie night and invite your neighbours! What’s up first for your community movie night? Let us know by sharing it with us on social media.

How are you continuing to build community during physical isolation? Let us know by sharing your ideas through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Image Credit: OCF


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