Soccer National Youth Club Licence awarded to OSC

National Youth Club Licence Soccer Canada
Soccer National Youth Club Licence awarded to OSC
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Oakville Soccer Club

Oakville Soccer Club

The Oakville Soccer Club has become the largest amateur soccer club in North America. It is also the largest community sports organization in Canada with more than 12,000 members and over 900 volunteer and professional coaches.

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The Oakville Soccer Club is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the National Youth Club Licence by Canada Soccer.

The top amateur youth club designation in the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program, the National Youth Club Licence recognizes the highest achieving organizations from across Canada.

The Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program is designed to guide member organizations throughout the country toward best principles for organizational development both on and off the field.

By raising the standards of member organizations, both the daily playing environment and participant experience are enhanced; thereby improving the overall soccer system in Canada.

Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program Goals

  1. Set clearly defined standards and expectations for member organizations;
  2. Recognize excellence in the soccer community;
  3. Raise the level of all soccer organizations throughout Canada
  4. Drive change in the soccer system

“We are pleased to announce the exemplary National Youth Club Licence holders that have worked diligently over the past 12 months to demonstrate a willingness to improve, to collaborate, and most importantly to raise the level of youth football in our country,” said Jason deVos, Canada Soccer’s Director of Development. “Each club worked with Canada Soccer and their respective Provincial and Territorial Member Association to define a roadmap of standards designed to improve the experience for all who participate in the game.”

While supporting their provincial association and Canada Soccer,National Youth Club Licence holders display characteristics and demonstrate behaviours aligned with the highest expectations of:

  1. governance
  2. administration
  3. infrastructure
  4. technical

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for the Oakville Soccer Club,” said OSC Executive Director Dave Harris. “We are proud to achieve this status and it is a credit to our Board of Directors, staff, coaches and volunteers that we were awarded this licence. The awarding of this licence demonstrates the Club’s commitment to its membership and the community of Oakville.”

Successful organizations have been granted the National Youth Club Licence for a period of two years. It created a collaborative work plan to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements and progress to further achieve the standards set by Canada Soccer.

The Oakville Soccer Club looks forward to maintaining the National Youth Club License status going forward, and to continuing to provide a positive soccer experience to members.



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