Special Urgency to the United Way Campaign this year

Special Urgency to the United Way Campaign this year
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Chris Stoate

Chris Stoate

Chris Stoate holds degrees from Cambridge University and the University of Toronto. He founded and operated LaserNetworks, an international IT services firm in the print space with a significant environmental contribution. Chris has an interest in public education and served on the Halton Learning Foundation Board and the United Way Board, chairing the Oakville United Way campaign in 2012. He has also been an Oakville Town Councillor.

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Through literally dozens of independent agencies, United Way makes support services possible for isolated seniors, people escaping abuse, those dealing with addiction issues, children managing grief, people dealing with disabilities, families facing food insecurity or other problems of poverty, and many other important issues in our community. Across Halton Region, 10% of people live below the poverty line.

The agencies United Way supports are critical to the fabric of our community.  Uniquely, United Way ensures agencies are fiscally responsible and well-managed.  Giving to United Way means your dollars go to where they are most needed as economic and social conditions change.

Almost everyone knows someone who has benefited from a United Way agency.

This year your United Way is aiming to raise $11.1 million dollars to meet the baseline needs of the many agencies working in our community.  This was already a challenging goal, but now we need to try to exceed it by as much as possible.

Why is this year different?

The reality is, this year, funding pressures are enormous. In the midst of rising need, we have seen changes in both foundation and core government funding that directly impact programs and services. Add to this economic changes, resulting in major reductions from two significant corporate donors totalling $150,000.

What does this mean?

Well, it creates a gap that results in wait lists being longer. It also means that programs are at risk of not receiving the vital funds they require to address the local need.

This is where you, our community, comes into play. We need you to help mobilize others in the community to give generously.

With the changing funding landscape, we know this year has been especially challenging for many programs, placing a number in a state of crisis. This change puts the continued operation of these important organizations at risk, creating an issue of urgency.

We must band together and stand united to mobilize the community to give. Why? Because exceeding our goal means fewer people will be left behind.

As the end of the tax year approaches, please consider donating or increasing your donation to United Way.  Every donation, large or small, will make a difference. However, if you give $1200 or more for the first time, the Sprott Foundation will match your gift.  Monthly pledges will qualify.  Also, if you increase your donation from the previous year above $1200, that increase will be matched.

With the help of your generosity and the Sprott Foundation funds, your United Way can help agencies continue their essential work.  Please give as generously as you can because issues like poverty, mental illness, domestic violence and isolation belong to all of us.


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