Special Weather Advisory for Oakville: Sunday, May 29, 2016

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Special Weather Advisory for Oakville: Sunday, May 29, 2016
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The summer has arrived and with it a special weather advisory was issued by Environment Canada for Oakville at 5:43 AM, Sunday, May 29, 2016. It warms of a large humid and warm air mass that has settled over area.

Here is the Environment Canada advisory:

A very warm and humid airmass remains over Southern Ontario. While heat warning criteria is not expected to be reached in most places, this is the first spell of very warm and humid weather of the season.

These conditions pose a health risk when you are not used to the heat. Everyone is at risk from heat, especially older adults, infants and young children, and people with chronic illnesses. You are advised to:

(1) drink plenty of cool liquids before feeling thirsty, 

(2) keep cool by dressing for the weather and  

(3) spending a few hours each day in a cool place.

Maximum temperatures today will be near the 30 C mark, with afternoon humidex values reaching the mid to upper thirties in many areas.

A weak cold front is expected to move across Southern Ontario tonight then through Eastern Ontario on Monday. A slightly cooler and less humid airmass will arrive in its wake on Monday, with maximum temperatures in the mid to upper twenties expected.

So please take a moment to check on your elderly neighbours to see how they are making out, and be mindful of the change of air quality. If you need a respite from the heat and humidity, head down to the lake, or even your favourite coffee shop. 



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